10 Interesting Facts about Sex

interesting_facts_about_sexJust about everybody has sex, either alone or with a partner (or two). Here are 10 interesting facts about sex you may have never heard.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Women who regularly read romance novels have twice as many lovers as women who don’t.

2. Men Love Smart Women

Studies have shown that college-educated women are more likely to engage in anal sex.

3. Get it, Grandma

A whopping 1/3rd of women over the age of 80 still have sex with their spouses.

4. Shrinkage

Think it only happens in a cold swimming pool? Testes shrink 50% when a man is sexually aroused.

5. Mile-High Club

1 in 50 people have admitted having sex in an airplane.

6. Nature’s Anti-Depressant

Regular masturbation has been known to treat mild depression.

7. Size Matters

Statistically, gay men have larger penises than straight men.

Beautiful brunette lingerie model at a beach house window8. Mystery Lover

Up to 70% of men and women admit to fantasizing about someone else while having sex with their partner.

9. Length Matters Too

A man who has a longer ring finger in comparison to his index finger has more testosterone.

10. Cheating Hearts

Studies have shown that 60% of married men and 40% of married women have engaged in at least one extramarital affair.

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