5 Male Insecurities Ruining Your Sex Life

Written by Dave Rich

On March 13, 2014

Women are naturally attracted to confident men so if you face this 5 common insecurities, it could be the reason you’ve been sleeping alone.

  1. Do This G-String Make Me Look Fat?”

You wouldn’t be caught dead asking your buddies if a new pair of jeans made you look fat but you may think about it when you’re about to get nekkid. Especially if she’s a 10 and, at best, you see yourself as more of an 8 (in a dark room). Unless you’ve been hiding that extra flab with compression wear on every date, she has a pretty good idea of what you look like in the buff. And guess what? She’s in your bed right now so she obviously wants you!
If you are quite a bit overweight, it will not only affect your self-image, it can also wreck havoc with your sex life in another way: Studies have determined that obese men have more estrogen in their bodies and less testosterone. Also, obesity puts you at risk for high cholesterol and heart disease, both of which can affect your performance in the bedroom.
Find out why you’re not losing weight and take steps to lose it before it affects more than your love life.

  1. Am I Big Enough to Please Her?”

If you’re to look at porn videos for guidance, you’d think every man should be hung large enough to make a horse nervous. Not so. You don’t have to be built like a freight train to get the cargo where it’s going. If you’re overly-concerned about the size of your penis, it will bring your confidence down (along with other things) and make you less attractive to the ladies. Men who are insecure about their size often have less hanky-panky than guys who refuse to make it an issue.
As long as you’ve got at least 5.6 inches in the holster, you’ve got enough to get the job done so don’t worry about it. If you’ve got less to work with, there’s no need to despair. Try some of these sexual positions for men with smaller penises.

  1. What if It’s Over too Soon?”

Premature ejaculation is more common than you think so if you have trouble going the distance in the bedroom, you’re not alone. Still, concentrating on it too much may make the sex embarrassing for you and awkward for her. Instead, try this: Focus more on the foreplay. Women take longer to get warmed up than men, usually about 20-30 minutes. Paying careful attention to your partner’s needs will help you get into the mindset of delaying your own gratification.
You can also use a desensitizing cream with a condom to decrease sensation and cut down on the likelihood of finishing way before she does.

  1. Can People Hear Us?”

If you live in an apartment complex and (even worse) have heard complaints about the noises of your sexual escapades in the past, it can hamper your ability to perform.
If your walls are thin or you’re worried about making an unnecessary ruckus that gets something like this taped to your apartment door afterward, try this:

  • Move your bed away from the wall

It may not be the moaning and screaming that’s irritating your neighbors but the bed whacking steadily against the wall. Move it before getting frisky with a friend.

  • Combine music with a fan

The music is for you, the fan is for them. Most people don’t want to get down to just the drone of a fan but the combination of both sounds should mask yours and keep your neighbors from complaining.

  • Get busy in the shower

The acoustics are great in the bathroom and the walls help contain sound. Plus, it’s a great excuse to try something new and fresh.

  1. Is My Body Odor Turning Her Off?”

If you have a naturally strong body odor or sweat excessively, you may think she’ll be turned off by it. If she’s been kissing, cuddling, and being intimate with you up until this point, you can’t smell too horrible or she would have mentioned it by now. Still, if you’re really concerned, bathe daily and use baking soda on your trouble areas afterward. (Just don’t put the stuff directly on your junk).
Or try this: Mix some baking soda, sage essential oil, and jojoba oil together and use it on your problem areas. Sage is a natural odor eliminator and has been the only thing that worked for those suffering with a chronic sweating condition called hyperhidrosis.
Relax. You don’t smell. You’re not horrible in bed. And she actually does want you. Get more comfortable with who you are and watch your sex life soar through the stratosphere!

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