5 Men Enhancement Products to Stay Away From

Written by Dave Rich

On May 3, 2013

Certain Men Enhancement Products Can Cause Unwanted Side Effects

Use the Right Men Enhancement Products to Avoid Dangerous Side Effects

Have you thought about turning to natural men enhancement products because you can’t use a prescription? Many men are unable to use prescription men enhancement products because of a medical condition or lack of medical insurance. Plus, the side effects associated with prescription men enhancement products can be pretty scary.
What you may not realize is some “natural” men enhancement products on the market are anything but. If you buy your men enhancement products at a convenience store or just any website, you may be buying products that can harm your health.
Here’s what to stay away from:

  1. Rock-It Man

You can usually find Rock-It man behind the counter at your local convenience store. It’s sold as a male sexual stimulant and you almost can’t miss the bright blue pill bursting out of a flash of white. You may think this pill is going to blast you off the night of your life but it might actually make you end up in the emergency room.
The Food and Drug Administration found that Rock-It Man contains a dangerous additive called hydroxythiohomosildenafil that can cause heart problems in men who take nitroglycerine for chest pains.

  1. Libido Sexual Enhancer

Libido Sexual Enhancer is another men enhancement product you want to stay away from. It also contains hydroxythiohomosildenafil. It also contains tadalafil (prescription Cialis). Cialis should not be in anything sold as “natural men enhancement”.
If you’re going to take a prescription, you should get it from a doctor. With natural enhancement products like this, you never know how much of the dose you’re getting. Side effects of Cialis include flu-like symptoms, vision changes, abnormal ejaculation, and an erection that won’t go away.

  1. Stiff Days

The FDA recently issued a warning that the so-called “natural men enhancement” product, Stiff Days is just as dangerous for you as taking a black-market prescription. This product boasts an array of natural ingredients on the back but neglects to tell you it contains hidden hydroxythiohomosildenafil. If you’re allergic to wheat, you don’t want to take this product either, because it’s listed in the ingredients.

  1. Man Up Now

Don’t be fooled by the impressive-sounding name. Man Up Now is a men enhancement pill you don’t want to take a chance with, especially if you have a heart condition or are taking any prescription drug.
The FDA has recently discovered that this so-called “all natural” men enhancement product contains sulfoaildenafil, the primary ingredient in Viagra.  Using this product could result in a sudden, unsafe drop in blood pressure and, in severe cases, death.

  1. Virilis Pro

If you see a bottle of Virilis Pro, run, don’t walk in the opposite direction. In 2011, Texas Resident Adrian Carter bought this men enhancement product hoping to enjoy a pleasant night with his significant other. It was anything but. During sexual intercourse, he experienced bleeding and separation of the scrotum. He was rushed to the emergency room where he had reconnective surgery. He now urinates through a catheter and may never have an erection again.
Steer clear.
How to Choose The Best Men Enhancement Products
If you want to avoid all of the natural men enhancement scams on the market, take this advice:

  • Don’t buy them from a convenience store
  • Always avoid “rebilling”
  • Thoroughly research your options
  • Shop well-known brands from reputable websites

New Age Alternatives, the company that founded Men’s Health Net, has been in operation since 2004. Since that time, we have sold thousands of men enhancement products to satisfied customers.
We are completely transparent about each ingredient in each product and tell you exactly what each is designed to do.
Don’t take a chance with your life just because you want to improve your performance in the bedroom. Before you buy just anything, do some research into top enhancement pills and top enhancement creams. We stand by the products we sell. Each of them is guaranteed to work or your money will be fully refunded. No questions asked.

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