5 Signs She's About to Dump You

Written by Dave Rich

On December 11, 2012

Is your relationship in trouble? The signs of a relationship on the rocks can be difficult to spot sometimes. Here are 5 signs your girlfriend may be about to dump you.
1. She Can’t Wait to Get Off (The Phone, That Is)
One of the signs your girlfriend is about to dump you is she can’t seem to wait to get off the phone with you. You call her and leave a message and she calls you back a couple of hours later only to chat for five minutes. Those long, two-hour meaningful conversations have gone completely out the window. If she’s finding any and every excuse to get off the phone with you, this may be a sign of a relationship in trouble.
2. She Agrees with You (All the Time)
Fighting is normal. That isn’t to say you should fight everyday or tear each other apart verbally during the fights either. However, if a woman brings up the things that irritate her and defends herself with passion, she’s trying to avoid future problems. If she’s suddenly started agreeing with everything you say and no longer argues with you, she’s either been replaced by a robot ala “The Stepford Wives” or she’s about to dump you.
3. She Avoids Talk of the Future
If you’re bringing up marriage and family or your 50th wedding anniversary and she looks nervous and changes the subject, chances are, she’s not in it for the long haul. One of the signs your girlfriend doesn’t plan on sticking around is complete avoidance of “future talk”. However, if you’ve only been dating for 3-6 months or so, you may be scaring her off. Dial it back a bit and just have fun.
4. You Don’t Talk Anymore
You used to be able to spend hours talking about anything and everything. You hung on each other’s every word and couldn’t wait to get to know each other better. A good sign of a relationship in trouble is lack of communication. The only thing you seem to talk about anymore is the weather, dinner, work, etc. Conversations are few and far in between and you may even grunt at each other like cavemen during commercials. Comfortable silence is one thing, but if the relationship is under a decade old, your significant other may be ready to walk.
5. You Don’t Have Sex Anymore
Or maybe you do but it’s gotten routine. In and of itself, lack of sex isn’t always a sign of relationship difficulties. It could be loss of libido on her part due to stress or a medical illness. But if any and all intimacy has gone out of the relationship, she may be getting ready to call it quits. This is especially true if you’re always coming on to her and she’s continually not in the mood.
How to Head Things off at the Pass
If you’re still in love with her and don’t want things to end, suggest you both sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk. Depending on your personality types, one or both of you may have avoided the “giant gorilla” in the room and have been waiting for the other to bring up the problems.

Take action.

She may be dying to tell you so much but be afraid of rocking the boat. Do you have a temper? If, in the past, her needs, desires, fears or suggestions have made you react in a hot-headed, verbally abusive way, she may be afraid to speak up. No woman deserves that but some are afraid to leave or believe things will change.
Whether you want to preserve the relationship or just ease the mounting tension, nothing cuts through the red tape faster than an honest conversation. It may lead to an argument; it may lead to her packing up and leaving that night. Either way, you’ll know and you won’t have to wonder anymore.

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