5 Ways to Get Back Your Ex

Written by Dave Rich

On January 24, 2013

get_back_your_exWant to get back your ex? If your long-term relationship ended suddenly in the heat of a horrible argument, you may still have a chance to get her back. You just have to play it cool.

  1. Leave Her Alone

If you want to get your ex back, you need to leave her alone. Calling her up drunk at 3 am and begging her to take you back will only make you look desperate and pathetic. During and after a break-up, emotions run very high so it’s easy to get carried away.

But if you turn into a stalker, you’re never going to see her again, let alone be with her. If you have something to say that you really need to get out of your system, write it down and destroy it. Whatever you do, don’t send it to her.

  1. Fix Yourself

If you’re trying to get back your ex, chances are, you realize it was you who screwed up somewhere. You may not admit it but maybe some of what she was yelling at you on the way out the door actually made some sense.

While you’re giving her space, go out and fix yourself. Hit the gym, get some new clothes, hang out with friends, and take an honest look at any excess baggage you may have. Once you fix yourself, you’ll be a much better partner to her.

  1. Date Another Woman

No, we’re not suggesting you use another woman to make your ex jealous but if you really want to get your ex back, you need to move on, even if it’s only in theory. Go out on a casual date with a woman you find attractive. Just flirting, laughing, and having fun with another woman can give you the confidence you need to win back the one you really want to be with.

  1. Show Her You’ve Changed

When some time has gone by, drop her a line. Pick up the phone and call her or send her an email but be casual. Let her know you’ve been thinking about her and what you’ve been doing. Ask her how things have been going with her. If she says she’s seeing somebody, swallow that jealous green monster and avoid the temptation to start an argument. Remember, like you, she needs to move on. This guy is most likely the rebound guy anyway and he can actually help you out if you let him.

If you and your ex were together a long time and you’re willing to stay in the “friend zone” for a while, she may confide in you about any relationship issues their having. This gives you the ability to listen to what she has to say and be there for her when the relationship inevitably breaks off.

  1. Give Her Some Romance

If you really want to “seal the deal” and get back your ex, you need to try a little romance when the moment is right. Ask her out for coffee or lunch “just to talk” and bring her a single red rose. This will especially touch her heart if she’s in a vulnerable place and has just broken up with ‘Mr. Rebound’.

If she has a negative reaction, act sheepish and tell her you just couldn’t resist. Then, drop the romance. Just let the gesture hang in the air while you’re listening to what she has to say and tending to her needs. This will naturally increase her trust in you.

Speaking of trust, pheromone cologne products such as Edge Trust and Liquid Trust will give you the chemical advantage you need to get your ex back. Pheromone cologne products contain chemical attractants such as testosterone and serotonin that increase the trust, confidence, and desire of those around you.

Winning back your ex-girlfriend is two parts sincerity and one part subterfuge. If you’re willing to let her come to you, you’ll always have the advantage.


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