7 Deadly Sins Of Dating

Written by Dave Rich

On June 20, 2014


By AskMen.Com (which is a great men’s dating and romance resource guide) Relationship Correspondent Phillip Gordon

The myth that there are certain things men can do to destroy their romantic relationships is true. We all know that cheating or losing your savings in Vegas can push her right over the edge, but there are a few less obvious things that you may have never considered. The following is a list of things that can ruin your relationship. Read ’em, learn ’em, and for God’s sake, put ’em to good use.

Don’t come on too strong

A woman knows when you are coming on strong, and chances are that she will either interpret it as desperation, or use it to manipulate you later on in the relationship if she does end up staying with you. You don’t want to give her the impression that she is the absolute best you can do. Let her know that you care about her and that she is special to you by all means; just don’t start worshipping her right out of the gate

Don’t become whipped

A woman needs a strong man that can take control of a situation. If you come across as an easily controlled mama’s boy, then she’ll likely never respect you. Make sure not to lose your identity either. You are who you are and she knew that when you got together. Once she thinks that she can take that away, you’ll be wearing matching fanny packs before you can say “bed and breakfast.”

Don’t lose control

As the man, you should initially start out with the overall control of the relationship, and as long as you maintain that control, you have, well, the control. Don’t let her disrespect you If a woman disregards you, then you’ve got nothing, so make sure to stay strong and maintain the respect you deserve. Once you lose control, chances are she will expect you to spend less and less time with your friends. But since your buddies are an outlet for anger generated by your relationship, you need to keep them around if you want to maintain a healthy life, not to mention your sanity.

Don’t lose confidence

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you; a guy with confidence is a turn-on. But, if you end up losing confidence in yourself, it’s likely she will do the same. If a woman does not have faith in your abilities as a man, then she will begin to lose the attraction that she once had for you. So make sure to hold your head up high at all times.

Don’t let sex get boring

Once your sex life becomes boring and predictable, the whole relationship will become boring. Keep it fresh and keep her interested at all costs. If she is always wondering what you are going to do to her next in bed, then she has no reason to fantasize about anyone else. Try surprising her by actually following through on some of her sexual fantasies.

Don’t become insanely jealous

Let her know that you care, but don’t become so jealous that she starts to resent you. If she had a couple of male friends before you began dating, then there is no real reason to get all worked up over it. What’s acceptable in your relationship is up to both of you, so don’t become too bossy or she will just use that as yet another reason to always be on your case. And if you can’t accept her having male friends, then move on.

Don’t talk too much

When she says that she wants to know everything you’re thinking, she is wrong. That might be what she thinks she wants, but I know first-hand about the twisted thoughts that rummage through your mind, so take my advice; keep your mouth shut. When she asks if you were looking at another woman, deny it, or better yet, say, “What woman?”

Keep your head up

No matter what you do, maintain spontaneity and use common sense, and you should be okay. Women don’t want boring guys who don’t think before they act. And remember; you have to be ready to adapt these basic ideas to any given situation at a moment’s notice.

If you begin to question how you should react in a certain plight, just try to figure out which one of the commandments is best suited to the situation and adapt it. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry; there are plenty of women out there that you can mess up with.

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