Be Irresistible to Her

Be Irresistible to Her

Been a long time since you’ve had sex or even a date? Don’t feel bad. A lot of guys just like you are in the same boat. What these guys don’t know is what you’re about to learn. Androstenone is one of the most potent pheromone chemicals on the planet. Wear them and they’ll turn her on instantly and make her want you that night. Even good girls can’t resist the lure.

What is Androstenone?

Androstenone is a powerful pheromone emitted by men, women, and pigs. Pheromones are odorless chemical attractants that have a profound effect on human social, mating, and parenting behavior. There are several different types of pheromones but androstenone is among the most potent. Whenever humans are in the presence of androstenone, they automatically become more submissive and respectful toward the wearer. Androstenone is the “alpha male” pheromone that immediately shows everyone else who is boss.

How Androstenone Makes Her Want to Have Sex with You

Studies have shown time and time again that women are attracted to confident, masculine, virile men. On the surface, she may say she’s looking for a sensitive guy who understands her and in part, that might be true. But deep down, on a cellular level, she needs the alpha male.

A man who is strong enough, healthy enough, and respected enough to be a good provider and father. She may never admit it, but she likes the bad boys. She’s genetically hard-wired to. That dominant, devil-may-care guy on a motorcycle is what she secretly fantasizes about when she’s making love to that nerdy accountant.

Even if you happen to be a nerdy accountant, you can transform into an alpha male right before her eyes by putting androstenone to work for you. Androstenone has been proven to work. When farmers use it on male pigs, female pigs immediately go into estrous and present for mating. It’s incredible!

Best Pheromone Colognes Containing Androstenone

If you want to make her want you, androstenone is the way to go. The best-selling pheromone cologne products contain this powerful pheromone because it has such an immediate affect. Men who use pheromone products containing androstenone report a noticeable change in the way women respond to them. Even the shyest guy in the room can get women with androstenone. Not only does this chemical scent have a powerful affect on the opposite sex, it also gives you, the wearer, a feeling of relaxed invincibility. You won’t have to stutter and stammer around that gorgeous woman anymore. She’ll come to you!

The top-selling pheromone cologne products containing androstenone include:

  • Alpha 7 Men’s Pheromone Cologne

With Alpha 7 Men’s Pheromone Cologne, you instantly become the alpha male and the most attractive guy in the room in her eyes. Alpha 7 contains 6 milligrams of androstenone and androsterone to immediately draw her attention and make her pulse quicken. Her body will respond before her mind can even catch up.

Not only does this pheromone cologne product make you seem like the most powerful man in the room, you’ll actually feel like the most powerful man in the room. The more confident you are, the more heads will turn and eyebrows will raise. When you use this product, your chances of going home alone decrease fast!

Unscented* Alpha-7 Pheromones for Men or Women are similar to Primal Instinct Pheromones, but with 40% more pheromones overall, and a more complex formula (aRONE and aNONE vs. aNONE alone).

Unscented* Alpha-7 Pheromones for Men or Women

  • Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men is another more subtle pheromone cologne product that contains androstenone, androstenol, androsterone, and 4 other head-turning ingredients not contained in any other pheromone product. Chikara is the ideal “first date” cologne to help you keep her interest and dial down your nervousness. It is scented with a light, pleasant musk fragrance she’ll want to get close enough to smell again and again. This cologne gives a friendly vibe but it still packs a masculine punch. It’s not for the hook-up but it’s perfect for your next casual date.

Put Her Under Your Spell

How to Use Pheromone Cologne Products

With certain pheromone cologne products, you can get away with using a little too much. Not so with the ones that contain androstenone. Too much androstenone will make you smell like a sex-mad gorilla on steroids. You’ll come off as a threat and send her running for the hills.

Instead, start off with just a few drops. Use one drop on your neck, the other on your abdomen or inner thigh near your genitals. Then get out there and test it out. See how women react to you. If you don’t notice anything at all, use a few drops more. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the pheromones are going to do all the work. You’ve still got to get dressed up, flirt with confidence, and talk to the women who interest you. Don’t worry if you’re nervous. Remember, pheromones help make you feel more relaxed and confident, which automatically gives you an advantage with the opposite sex.

You don’t have to stay home on Friday and Saturday nights anymore. When you use a pheromone cologne product containing androstenone, she won’t know what hit her.

Try this: Pick out a new pheromone cologne product tonight. While you wait for it to come in the mail, go out and get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, and lift some weights. If you’ve struck out in the past, forget about it. The weekend is coming up and now is your chance to start fresh. Use a few drops of cologne and get out there. You’ll be amazed at what a little effort and some pheromone cologne can do!

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