What Are The Signs Of Physical Attraction?

Written by Dave Rich

On April 19, 2014

What Are The Signs Of Physical Attraction?


How many times have you been in a situation where you wonder if the person involved is really interested in you or is just being polite? Have you ever wondered whether someone was trying to flirt with you or simply just making conversation? If these situations are familiar to you, you’ll find that you can gain a lot from learning a little bit about human body language. For the most part, body language isn’t faked, and you can use it to get a good idea of whether someone is really into you.


 The Psychology of Physical Attraction


The truth about the signs of physical attraction is that it is something that we are always putting out. You will find that due to the way that our culture and our surroundings shape us that we are constantly acting out our desires in ways that can be very subtle. Then other people, whether they know it or not, will act on these signals. Have you ever gotten a cold shoulder, or have you ever met someone who you felt instantly comfortable with? In both those cases, those people were acting in an instinctive way that you also responded to instinctively.


Body Language


The Power of Alter Ego For WomenYour body speaks its own language, but you probably already knew that. You know that a frown symbolizes unhappiness, while a smile is usually a pleasant thing. The truth of the matter is that your body language can go beyond simply gestures to a much deeper level. The human nose can pick up on pheromones, chemicals that your body gives off when you are feeling something, whether it is attraction, arousal, interest or disdain, and you can bet that the people around you, whether they know it or not, are picking up on them. Now what you need to know is how to control them!



 Learn to read physical attraction body language


How to Attract Women

Basically, you’ll find that women are generally attracted to confidence. You’ll find that by standing tall, making direct eye contact and generally being sure about yourself go a long way. Keep your body turned towards her so that she knows that you are interested and take the time to read her signs, too. Is she not looking at you, or is she shrinking away? It’s probably time to try elsewhere. If she’s meeting your gaze and turning her body towards you, you may have a chance!


How to Attract Men

Like women, men are attracted to confidence. Walk in like you own the room and chances are, you’ll have male eyes all over you. Don’t waste this attention; if you are talking to someone that you like, tilt your heat towards them, smile and take any excuse to touch them, as long as it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. You’ll find that you can get a long way on this basic body language alone!


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