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Where to Find a Man

Wondering where to find a man? If you think that men are the only gender to have trouble in the dating world, guess again. There are plenty of women just like you who want to know where to find a man so they can settle down and be happy in a romantic relationship. Where toContinue Reading

Find Me a Wife

So you’re single, successful and ready to settle down. That’s great. So why haven’t you found ‘the one’ yet? If you Googled “find me a wife”, you’re not alone. The dating scene can get extremely frustrating when week after week you walk away from the bar or club with an aching head, an empty wallet,Continue Reading

Top 20 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Most men have used at least one cheesy pick-up line at least once, even if just as a joke. Cheesy pick-up lines have been around for decades but do they actually work? As ice-breakers, they can miss or hit the mark. Be careful approaching women with some of these lines; you’re liable to get slapped!Continue Reading

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dating Life

Are you feeling frustrated by your dating life or lack thereof? Don’t feel bad. Millions of people just like you are scouring the Internet right now searching for dating tips that might help them succeed. Here are 10 ways to improve your dating life and attract that special someone into your life. 1. Start withContinue Reading