Best Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

Written by Janelle Lawrence

On December 20, 2012

Back in your grandmother’s time, there were a bunch of old wive’s tales going around about the dangers of sex during pregnancy. The truth it, sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy. You just have to know the right sexual positions to use.

Sex During Pregnancy – The Best Sexual Positions for You Both

  1. Spooning – Spooning makes sex during pregnancy more comfortable for you both. In this position, the woman lies on her left side and her man wraps himself around her, penetrating her from behind. Spooning allows the man or the woman to touch her clitoris for enhanced sexual enjoyment and orgasm.
  1. Woman on Top – Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, this can be one of the best sexual positions. It keeps the belly completely out of the way.
  1. Edge of the Bed – For this position, the woman lies on her back across the bed with her butt at the edge. The man stands in front of her and gently pulls her toward him by her legs until he’s able to penetrate her.
  1. Rear Entry – If a woman is in her third trimester, putting some pillows beneath her belly may be the best way to try this sexual position. She can be on all fours on the bed or lean against the pillow and the bed with her rear end in the air.
  1. Scissors – This position looks just like it sounds. When having sex during pregnancy, many women say this is one of the most comfortable positions. For this position, both the man and the woman lie on their sides and come together in the middle. This allows for more shallow, gentle penetration.
  1. Reverse Cowgirl – This is the “woman-on-top” position only in reverse. For this position, the woman gets on top of her man facing his feet. You can also modify this position by leaning forward on a pile of pillows and using a free hand to masturbate.
  1. On a Chair – On a chair is another fun way to have sex during pregnancy. For this position, he sits on a chair and she straddles him. This allows the baby bump to sit comfortably on his lap during intercourse. This position may work best during the first and second trimester.

You don’t have to go months without sex during pregnancy. Just try these enjoyable sexual positions and get back in the groove again!

What’s your favorite sexual position to use during pregnancy?

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