Best Sexual Positions for Men with Small Penises

Written by Dave Rich

On November 15, 2012

When a man has a small penis, he may feel awkward in the bedroom. He may feel as though he’s simply unable to please a woman like larger men. You’ll be happy to know that if you’re one of the millions of men with a less-than-average penis, you can still satisfy your sexual partner. As a matter of fact, most women do not want a man with a penis too long or too thick as it can make sexual intercourse painful.
To give your woman the pleasure of her dreams, even with a small penis, try these hot sexual positions! But first, let’s talk about foreplay.
Focus on Seduction and Foreplay
Seduction and foreplay are the two most important components of a healthy, satisfying sex life, especially for a woman. Men have a “get in and get at it” kind of attitude but women need a little more convincing. It’s not that she’s not in the mood or that you don’t excite her, her body just doesn’t work the way yours does. Whether you’re on the smaller side or built bigger than most, seduction and foreplay is a must.
If she likes romance, set the mood with some candlelight and soft music. Catch her eye from across the room and give her a look that says how much you want her. Whisper in her ear the things you’ve been thinking about doing to her all day. Or, better yet, start the seduction process while you’re still at work. Try sexting her a few suggestive messages to set the mood.
Kissing is underrated. Remember when making out was everything? A lot of men skimp on the slow, sensual kiss when they’ve been in a relationship for a while and skip to the “good stuff”. Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay. Kissing her passionately, undressing her slowly, teasing her, and orally pleasing her can go a long way in driving her crazy and getting her ready for some serious action!
Best Sexual Positions for Men with Small Penises
Rear Entry
For men with a small penis, “Doggie Style” or rear entry is one of the best positions to satisfy her. To do it correctly, have your partner lay comfortably with her head and arms on the pillow and have her raise her bottom in the air, thighs together. Lean forward during penetration to stimulate her clitoris and go as deep as you can.
Modified Missionary
A lot of men with small penises think they cannot perform the Standard Missionary sexual position. Not true. You just need to modify it a bit. For added penetration, have your partner place a pill or two under her hips to tilt her pelvis forward. When you enter her, use less thrusting motion and more pressing and circular motions. This provides deep vaginal wall and clitoral stimulation.
The woman-on-top, sometimes called “The Cowgirl” is another great position for men with a small penis. In this position, the man lies on his back and the woman straddles him, knees bent and thighs on either side of his hips. When she leans forward, she receives maximum clitoral stimulation while he pleasures her from the inside. For even deeper penetration, grab her hips and push her into you as you thrust and move inside her.
The Snake
For this sexual position, the woman lies flat on her belly with her legs closed together. Slip a pillow underneath her hips so her bottom is slightly raised. Keeping his knees bent, the man straddles her, and penetrates her from behind. For a deeper thrust, hold her thighs together as you move. The snake also allows your partner to stimulate her clitoris with her hand for more complete satisfaction!

The Rabbit Ears
For the more flexible woman, The Rabbit Ears is a fun sex position for men with smaller members. In this position, your partner will lie on her back while you pull her legs upward toward her ears. Slip a pillow beneath her bottom to tilt her pelvis forward. This will allow a deeper penetration and stimulate her G-spot. When things get hot and heavy, it might be difficult for her to hold her legs in this position (unless she’s a gymnast) so let her rest the back of her knees across your shoulders. This is another position that lends itself to her being able to masturbate during sexual intercourse so she receives full clitoral stimulation.
Squatted Kneeling
Squatted Kneeling is a very intimate position enjoyed by women whose partners have small penises. This allows direct face-to-face contact and body closeness. In this position, the man kneels on the bed while the woman straddles him, wrapping her legs and arms around him while they move together.
The V-Formation
The V-Formation is another popular sexual position for men with small penises. The woman will lie on her back while the man pulls her legs up and open in the form of a “V”. Kneeling on the bed, the man penetrates her while her legs lay open on his chest. This allows deep penetration and the ability to stimulate her clitoris with a free hand.
And you thought size was everything. If small penis size is affecting your sexual confidence, suggest some of these hot positions to your partner tonight. She’ll be pleasantly surprised. If afterwards you still think you need some help in the sexual health department, check out some natural male enhancement supplements to increase your confidence and the heat in the bedroom!

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