Get a Bikini-Ready Body without Starving

Written by Janelle Lawrence

On January 18, 2013

summer_body_sexy_bodyIf you want a sexy summer body, you don’t have to starve yourself. Shedding pounds doesn’t mean you have to suffer with grueling exercises and a growling tummy. Get the bikini-ready body you’ve always wanted with these simple tricks.

Starving Yourself Doesn’t Work

If you’re desperate to shed pounds fast, you might be tempted to starve yourself by eating very little or just skipping meals. Or you may sign up for one of those pre-packaged meal plans. Unfortunately, these weight-loss programs may not give you the results you want.

This is because these types of diets operate on the starvation principle. You’re allowed to eat only a limited number of calories at each meal so you’ll be hungry most of the time. You may lose weight rapidly but as soon as you stop eating the meals, you’ll gain it all back and then some. When your body notices a sudden lack of calories, it triggers an inward response that tells it to hold on to all the fat it can for survival.

Another problem with these meal plans is most of the foods are filled with chemical additives, sweeteners, and dyes that can cause serious health problems.

This is the last way you want to shed pounds or get an attractive summer body.

Commercial Diet Pills Don’t Help You Shed Pounds

Even if you stay away from the pre-packaged diet food plans and turn to commercial diet pills, you’re still starving yourself. Diet pills usually come in two forms: Stimulants and fat blockers.

Stimulants slow your digestion and curb your appetite while fat blockers stop your body from absorbing necessary nutrients from food. In other words, you’ll either be too nervous to eat or no matter how much you eat, your body won’t get the nutrition it needs. This is not a healthy way to get the sexy body you want.

Get a Sexy Body with Food

If you really want to lose weight and get an attractive summer body, you have to really think about the food you’re eating. If you eat or drink “diet” foods, stop. Diet foods and drinks do nothing to help you lose weight. They are filled with additives, sweeteners, and chemicals that keep you addicted to the food and packing on the pounds.

The next time you’re in the grocery store, just shop the perimeter. Pick up plenty of fresh organic vegetables and fruit, nuts, nut butters, organic meats, wild-caught fish, beans, rice, eggs, yogurt, and healthy oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. These are whole foods your body needs to stay nourished, healthy, and satisfied.

Also, drink plenty of water and add a bulk fiber supplement such as psyllium fiber to flush your body of toxins and get rid of unsightly belly bloat.

Practical Exercises for a Summer Body

If you want a bikini-ready body by summer, you don’t have to overdue it. Just 30 minutes of cardio and strength training 3 times per week is enough to get started. Remember, cardio burns calories and speeds your metabolism so it’s important not to neglect this in favor of weight-lifting and crunches alone.

For Toned Arms – To tone up flabby arms, grab one 5-10 pound weight in both hands, raise your hands above your head, and, bending your elbows, lower the weight behind your head. Then, lift back up again. Repeat this move 10-20 times each day.

For Lean Legs – Lean legs and tight buns look great in a bikini. To get them, place a chair or stool in front of you. Step up onto the chair with one foot and raise yourself up onto the chair. Step back down. Repeat on the other side until you’ve done 8-10 repetitions.

For a Lean Belly – For that flat, bikini-ready tummy, try the chair method. Sit into a comfortable chair with arms. Grip the side of the chair with both hands and, keeping your knees bent and together, lift your thighs toward your chest. Bring your feet back down to the ground. Increase the effectiveness of this workout by shifting your knees to the left or right as you raise them upward. Do 10-15 repetitions.

Getting a summer body doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of getting into the mindset of “skinny”, get in the mindset of healthy instead. Make your goals about cleaning up your diet and getting the exercise you need to keep obesity, fatigue, and disease at bay.

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