How to Have a Casual Relationship

Have This With No Strings Attached!
Have This With No Strings Attached!

Want to have a casual relationship? If you’re too busy or just aren’t ready for a commitment, the casual relationship is the perfect way to go. Just be honest and upfront at all times so nobody gets hurt. When you follow these tips, you’ll enjoy all the perks that come with a committed relationship but none of the headache.

How to Use Pheromones to Get a Casual Relationship

The first step to having a casual relationship is getting the right girl interested in you. If you’ve never tried pheromone cologne before, you’re missing out on one of the best-kept dating secrets.

Pheromones are odorless chemical compounds that influence dating and mating behavior. Though we produce pheromones naturally, we live in an environment where we are always covering up our natural scent.

Legitimate scientific studies have proven that pheromones have a direct impact on female sexual response. For example, the chemical compound, oxytocin, elicits feelings of relaxation and trust. Androstenone, a power male pheromone, stimulates the female desire for sexual intercourse almost instantly.

When you’re looking for a casual relationship, not just any pheromone cologne will do. You have to select the right one to stimulate her senses and let her know what you’re looking for.

For example, pheromone cologne products like Edge Trust or Liquid Trust are great in social settings where you’re looking to build feelings of warmth and attachment. However, when you just want a casual sexual relationship, there are better choices.

Above all else, women are looking for a man who exudes confidence naturally. Master Functional Men’s Scented Pheromone Product is the perfect choice for shy guys. The scent doesn’t just work on the females around you; it boosts your own feelings of confidence and sexual vigor. The pheromone of this pheromone cologne is perfectly masked by an inviting combination of vanilla and sandalwood.

Show Your Confident Side
Show Your Confident Side

Another perfect pheromone cologne for the casual relationship is Nexus Men’s Pheromone Cologne Product. This stuff is incredibly powerful so it’s important you don’t use too much. It contains pure androstenone, which drives women wild as soon as they get a whiff.

She Won't Be Able to Resist
She Won’t Be Able to Resist

Farmers use pure androstenone on mating boars and females get into position almost immediately. Human studies have shown that women are especially sensitive to this scent during ovulation. It increases their heart rate and physical arousal, making it much easier for you to move in and start a casual relationship.

And if you don’t know now, let me let you in on something: Women are twice as likely to dress in something tight and sexy and go out looking when they’re close to ovulation. With Nexus, it’s always a win for you!

Set Boundaries Early on in the Casual Relationship

Once you’ve caught the attention of the woman you want to get into a casual relationship with, you have to learn some rules. Otherwise, the fling you’re trying to have will turn into a committed relationship before you know it.

Here are some tips:

  • Know the Phone and Text Rules

The first step to enjoying a casual relationship with no strings attached it to know the phone and text rules. When you’re in a serious relationship, a phone conversation is almost always implied. If all you have in mind is a fling, then keep your calls and texts spaced and erratic. Hit her up to make casual evening plans or ask if she wants to see a concert or go to a party on the weekend. Then, leave her alone.

  • Pick the Right Atmosphere

If you want to keep this thing casual, pick the right atmosphere. Long, romantic dinner dates are out. Instead, take a stroll through the city at night or go dancing at the club. Parties and concerts work well too. Any place that is noisy, crowded, and fun is preferable to an atmosphere that encourages talking, sharing, and…(gulp)…getting to know each other.

  • Be Busy

Girls really like guys who are ambitious and stay busy. That doesn’t mean every time she calls, texts or emails that you should make some excuse to cut the conversation short. But, you should do it often. When you’re always available for her whenever she gets in contact, it sets you up for climbing the ladder toward relationshipville.

  • Avoid Serious Conversations

Bringing up your ex, childhood trauma, or religious topics invite closeness. If you want to have a casual relationship, avoid these topics. Talk about movies you like, music, the weather, his friends, or your friends. Nothing too serious.

  • Don’t Slip into a Pattern

A casual relationship will quickly turn into something more when you slip into a pattern. All of a sudden, calls will be expected and dates will be implied. Avoid dedicated times to call each other or spend time together. Instead, keep contact sporadic. Don’t completely fall out of touch but don’t get in contact too often. Keep it light.

A casual relationship can be a lot of fun. It can lead to something more if you want it to or it can just get you over the slump you’ve been in.

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