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The Science Of Physical Attraction For Women

  Scientists are beginning to take a serious look at how human body odor influences sexual attraction. This magic scent is not some romantic potion but the aromatic outflow of the immune system. Most people don’t recognize how important human scent is in attracting the opposite sex.  These human scents are called pheromones which areContinue Reading

The Art Of Flirting For Women

  No matter what you think, to be a great flirt it’s not necessary to be devastatingly attractive, rich, smooth, or good at batting your eyelashes. To master the fine art of flirting, you must decide you want to be a flirt. And because flirting requires a carefree heart, it is essential that you beginContinue Reading

Online Dating Rules For Women

  7 Online Dating “Rules” to Follow – and 5 to Break Do you follow The Rules for Online Dating by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider? If so, you may doing more harm than good. If not, you need to start. Here’s a short guide to what rules you need to know (and the onesContinue Reading

Looking To Attract Men? Wear Red!

  Looking To Attract Men? Wear Red! LOS ANGELES – Romance is a puzzling thing. But scientists are doing their best to unravel the mysteries of human attachment and have discovered that women wearing red appear more attractive to men. Men, however, are unaware that the color red turns them on. Researchers at the UniversityContinue Reading

First Date Tips For Women

By Jennifer Klein, Dateable.Com Dating can be tough and first dates can be painful. So what are you to do? Here is a list of dating tips to start the year out right! Meet your date out and drive yourself. If you want to bail out early, you won’t be trapped. Also, when you haveContinue Reading

Finding Mr. Right For You

Finding Mr. Right For You: Why You Should Go Out With Imperfect Men by Laura Doyle This excerpt is from the book The Surrendered Single and part of the Relationships Debate, “Does surrendering your idea of “Mr. Perfect” mean you’re settling?” You might be tempted to say “no thanks” when you think there’s no chanceContinue Reading

Edge Men’s Pheromone Gel Packets

Finally!!!! …the Cutting “Edge” in Pheromone Technology. Same proven pheromone formula as its bottled predecessor, the gel packs are easy to carry and apply, non-oily and an inexpensive way to try a new product out before investing in a bottle. Struggling with your confidence? A little slow on your game? Then you need Edge Men’sContinue Reading

2014-15 Best Dating Sites Review

View the 2014-15 Best Niche Online Dating Sites with premium online dating websites such as,,, and Christian to list a few. The 2014-15 Best Niche Online Dating Sites has top niche dating sites that connect singles looking for friendship, love, romance and/or marriage. These sites include multiple chat room communities, videoContinue Reading