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Just How Effective Are Pheromone Perfumes When Used For Dating?

If you’ve been looking for an edge in dating, you may have encountered pheromone perfumes and colognes once or twice before. These fragrances contain amounts of pheromones, which are said to have a noticeable impact on sexual attraction. However, is there any truth to the effectiveness of such perfumes and colognes? Do they really makeContinue Reading

Pheromones In Cologne – Do They Actually Work?

There have been a lot of talk recently about the existence of pheromone-based colognes on the market. A lot of people would like to know if it’s a viable method of attracting the opposite sex while others sideline it as simply more pseudoscience. The reality of the matter is that they do indeed work, butContinue Reading

The Science Of Sexual Attraction

The end result of most interactions across the gender divide is plain and simple sex. Sexual intercourse is the major driving force for our and most other species on the planet. The ability to pass on your genes to the next generation is the chief initiative to have sex. Humanity has the added bonus ofContinue Reading

Products That You Can Use To Enhance Your Love Life With Pheromone Scents

Human pheromones are the naturally produced chemicals that your body secretes during actions or emotions that cause sweat secretion and the like. In animals different pheromones are also found in urine and can be used for everything from marking territory to finding a mate. In humans pheromones are still a rather new concept to beContinue Reading

Are Pheromones A Secret Weapon For Dating?

Every species is capable of emitting chemical signals called pheromones that affect members of the same species around them. These pheromones can signal anything from food trails and territorial marking to sexual readiness and attraction. It had long been thought that humans had lost the ability to perceive the presence of these pheromones, but decades’Continue Reading

Different Pheromones Associated With Physical Attraction

Pheromones aren’t something brand new to the word; in fact they’ve been common knowledge in the animal kingdom for quite some time now and have been studied in relation to their effect on sexual attraction as well as emotional response. The most common testing of these types of products takes place in lab rats andContinue Reading