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3 Common Sexual Problems in Women

Oftentimes, sexual dysfunction is thought to be a male problem. Female dysfunction is often overlook amidst the myriad pills, creams, pumps, and patches for men. There are three main types of female sexual dysfunction that can make enjoying a healthy sexual relationship difficult. Painful Sex Painful sex is much more common than most women believe.Continue Reading

Common Sexual Problems in Men

Hollywood doesn’t play fair. It makes sex look easy. Apparently, men in the alternate reality called “television and movie land” are all buff beyond belief, hung like mules, and have so much sexual stamina; they each have their picture in the Guinness Book of World Records. Oh, and erectile dysfunction? In that world, it doesn’tContinue Reading

Ladies: How to Flirt (Without Looking Silly)

Flirting. For some women, this is effortless. For others, it’s terrifying. Shy women especially, have a hard time flirting without feeling like they’re being fake or awkward. If batting your eyelashes like you’ve got something stuck in your contact lens and plastering an insta-grin on your face is all the flirting you know how toContinue Reading

Online Dating: When It’s Time to Meet

These days 1 in 4 relationships begin online. There’s nothing wrong with Internet dating if you do it right but it’s important to understand a few things when it’s time to meet. First off, safety is everything. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to always meet a new love interest in aContinue Reading

The Art of Foreplay: Seduction Techniques for Men and Women

Whether you’re looking for love or just trying to improve your current relationship, it’s important to understand the art of seduction. Some men and women simply don’t know how to flirt and there’s no shame in that. Maybe you’re shy or you married your high school sweetheart and never had to do “the dance” withContinue Reading

Avoiding the Seven-Year Itch – Techniques to Keep Your Marriage Fresh

If you’ve been married for over 5 years, your marriage may have gotten a bit routine. You don’t dress up for each other the way you used to or tell each other the little things that mean so much. If you’re looking to better your relationship and avoid the so-called “seven-year itch”, it’s important toContinue Reading

Can Lesbians and Gay Men Use Synthetic Pheromones?

If you’ve ever seen advertisements for synthetic pheromones designed to attract the opposite sex like a magnet, you may have thought there was no point in finding more about them. After all, you’re not trying to attract the opposite sex; you’re trying to attract the same sex. So, can lesbians and gay men use syntheticContinue Reading

Pornography – Does it Help or Hurt a Committed Relationship?

Some people think of pornography as nothing but smut while some couples use it together to rejuvenate their relationship. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve probably read or watched some kind of porn in your life. So, what’s the big deal? Are sex movies mood enhancers or relationship killers? You decide. What isContinue Reading