Is He Cheating on You?

Written by Janelle Lawrence

On January 4, 2013

is_he_cheating_on_youThe sobering statistic is that 50-60% of married men cheat on their spouses at least once during the course of a marriage. No trusting wife wants to go through the embarrassment and heartbreak of infidelity. Is he cheating on you?

  1. His Habits are Changing

If a man is cheating on you, you’ll notice his habits are beginning to change. He may come home at unusual hours, suddenly take an interest in beefing up at the gym, or start wearing clothes and cologne he never has before. Cheating men often spend time sprucing up their appearance when they meet a new woman. If he’s not giving you any attention but he’s very concerned about the way he looks, he might be cheating on you.

  1. Money is Disappearing

If you have a joint checking account, you may find that money is suddenly disappearing. It’s not going into the house or the car and he’s certainly not spending it on you. So where is it going? Cheating men often become big spenders when they have a new woman to spend money on.

  1. He Goes Out Without You

Friday and Saturday nights used to be your nights together. If he’s coming up with more and more excuses to “hang out with his friends” instead of spending time with you, he may be cheating on you. This goes doubly for the man who spends a lot of time on his appearance when he’s supposedly just hanging out with the guys.

  1. You’re Getting Hang-Up Calls

It may be a bit cliché, but if you answer his cell phone and hear a click on the other end, the woman he’s seeing didn’t expect you to pick up. Yes, it could be a wrong number but if it’s constantly coming up on his phone, something is probably going on.

  1. He’s Accusing You of Cheating

Some cheating men will project their unsavory deeds onto the woman they’re in a relationship with. All of a sudden, a normally relaxed guy will start accusing you of cheating. He wants to know why you’re dressed up, who you’re spending time with, and when you’re coming home. He may go so far as to follow you or show up where you are just to try to “catch” you at cheating.

  1. He Picks Fights

Another sign he may be cheating on you is that he picks fights a lot. This may be his passive-aggressive way to end the relationship without coming out and saying he’s no longer happy. A man who picks fights and snaps at you for no reason may be feeling guilty about what he’s doing and may also resent you for not being able to figure it out.

  1. You’re Getting More Attention Than Usual

On the other hand, cheating men don’t always pick fights and act jealous. Sometimes, they’ll make up for the fact they’re running around by being even more attentive at home. You might find yourself on the receiving end of a dozen roses, chocolates, diamonds, and fancy dates out. It could be guilt motivating his actions or he may genuinely hope he can keep a relationship with both of you.

Cheating men often come from homes where this type of behavior was acceptable or, at the very least, tolerated. If you believe your husband is cheating on you, don’t spy on him too much. Sit him down and talk to him. Give him a chance to explain so you can at least have a clear conscious and say you tried.

If he says he’s not seeing anybody on the side but you’re absolutely sure he’s cheating, you may have to start raiding his cell phone and email account. Just be emotionally prepared for what you might find and promise yourself you’ll respond rationally.

Scared he may cheat? Here’s how to cheat-proof your marriage!

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