Clothes that Turn Women On

Written by Dave Rich

On December 4, 2012

When it comes to attracting women, clothes make the man. If you’ve been striking out with women, you may wonder if you’re doing something wrong. It may have nothing to do with your personality and everything to do with your wardrobe. Get the inside scoop on the clothes women like on men and you’ll attract women left and right.

10 Pieces of Clothing That Turn Her On

1. Faded Vintage Jeans – A well-fitting pair of faded blues with a few holes and frays gives you a look of stability and loyalty, like you won’t just throw her away at the first sign of wear.

2. White T-Shirts – Guys, if you’re over 30, leave the comic book and novelty T-shirts in the drawer. A white T-shirt over a pair of faded jeans gives you a look of adult confidence, like you might fix a car or take her on a picnic at any moment.

3. Button-Up Shirts – Button-up shirts are great because they’re so versatile. They look good open to reveal a white T-shirt and tuck in well for a casual dinner date.

4. The Right Shoes – Sneakers are fine for most casual situations but a nice pair of boots and a quality pair of loafers will get you points every time. The boots give you that confident, rugged look while the loafers say relaxed class.

5. Suits – Guys, we realize you don’t have a lot of occasions to wear these things but a suit is always hot, period.

6. Flat-Front Trousers – Pleats are not attractive to women. Flat-front pants give that confident look while showing off just enough to turn her on.

7. Leather Jacket – A leather jacket can complete any outfit and be just easily dressed up as it is down. Since leather is one of the most common sexual fetishes, it’s almost guaranteed to turn her on.

8. Sweaters – There’s something comfortable, casual, and sexy about the right kind of sweater on a guy. It should have a snug fit but plenty of room for growth. The kind of sweater she’d love to cuddle up to.

9. Blazers – Blazers are perfect for fair weather and give a man that clean-cut look that shows confidence. Black, brown or grey with just about anything.

10. Boxers – Guys, when you’re sharing a bed with her, skip the pajama bottoms and just wear your boxers. Boxers say you’re confident about the way you look and you’re always ready to have some fun!

ZZ Top said it best when they said, “Every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man”. Time to get shopping, buddy!

How about you? What does your significant other like to see you wearing?

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