Combining Body Language With Pheromones To Attract Women

Written by Dave Rich

On April 14, 2014

Depending on your schedule and personality, finding a mate can be difficult for some people, especially if you rarely have the time to get out and get yourself noticed. This means you need to use the time that you have to your advantage by utilizing everything at your disposal in a big way. One thing that can help in your quest to attract women is to invest in a pheromone product such as cologne or oil, and dab or spray this on before heading out on the town. These types of sexual enhancers combined with your natural scent will do more than you think to improve your game where romance is concerned. Next, you need to work on your body language so that the message you’re sending out physically is one that women want to get close to.

Don’t Fidget

Nothing is a bigger turn off to a woman than a man who seems unsure of himself or nervous, and this is made increasingly evident if you’re fidgeting. Think about the stereotypical men you see on television who seem to have no trouble talking to women; they all have one thing in common, confidence. Even if you aren’t feeling it, you can fake it until you make it by portraying good posture, holding yourself steady when all you want to do is shake or move, and by using calm confident movements. writes: “By slowing down your movement you are presenting to the rest of the world a more “comfortable” version of yourself and it makes you that much more approach-friendly.” This doesn’t mean you need to walk around the bar at a snail’s pace, but don’t sit on the barstool tapping your foot, bouncing your knee, or wringing your hands together and assume a good looking lady to saunter up and introduce herself to you. Instead, stay relaxed in whatever environment you’re in and focus on something that helps you unwind. This is particularly useful if you’re talking to a woman, because it can become seriously distracting for her if she’s trying to keep eye contact and you’re leg is shaking or your fingers are tapping a counter top.

Make Eye Contact Eye

Contact is a huge part of good body language, and it’s so easy for this step to get lost in a crowded space, so make an extra effort to meet her gaze. Remember that she may be feeling overwhelmed or shy as well, and making contact on a visual level will make a woman feel more at ease and confident in her body. Of course, you don’t want to go too far with this behavior or you could wind up creeping her out, rather than turning her on. Keep it to a single glance and make sure she sees you looking, then turn away, and check back just one more time. If she’s interested, she’ll bring herself into closer proximity and possibly even introduce herself to you.

Take Up Space

This might sound odd, but if you can take up more space than you naturally do, you might be surprised by the results. Women are genetically programmed to find dominance at some level attractive. This doesn’t mean they want to be controlled, or bullied, but the idea that you can stand your own ground and act as a protector is a big turn on where most women are concerned. People noticed this on a subconscious level. They will see that you are the alpha male in the room. Females will notice this too and become a lot more attracted to you. To do this, you don’t need to wear extra layers of clothing or stretch your arms out around yourself, just stand with your shoulders as broad as they naturally go without looking strained, and keep your feet separated so that you’re taking up more space on the floor. Think about the place you’re standing and use up as much room as you can without making it obvious that that’s what you’re aiming for. This will also help keep away unwanted male attention from your area of the bar, if you’ve got some competition on your hands.


Finally, don’t forget that you’re never completely dressed without your smile, and turn up the heat in the grin department. You don’t have to sit there flashing teeth all night, but showing that you’re even tempered, have a good sense of humor, and are a positive person will make girls more interested in talking to you. Nobody wants to approach a man who looks like he’s having a bad night, or that might bring them down with a negative attitude. Women want to have a good time, and part of that means enjoying your company, or the company of whoever is lucky enough to take them home that night. This means turning up the charm by smiling with a natural, bright eyed look about you. A.J. Harbinger of The Art Of Charm advises: “A smile is what sells pretty much anything that you say. It’s an indispensable tool in your body language bag for attracting women.” It’s most important in a conversation or introductory setting, because it makes for an excellent impression, first or otherwise. You’re more likely to get noticed and to be remembered, which means that even if you’re not planning on taking her out tonight, if you give her your number you’re far more likely to get a call back if she remembers you in a good light. Smiling can leave a positive mental association with your name that will make it easy to remember you when the time comes. Whether you utilize these tips for better body language, or find your own to work with, what’s important is putting yourself out there in a way that makes women feel desirable and safe at the same time.

Be respectful, polite, and keep a positive attitude while you’re out and you’ll have a much easier time meeting people and carrying on meaningful conversations throughout the day or night. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself or ask a girl for her number if you seem to be getting along well.

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