Written by Dave Rich

On June 21, 2013
She'll Be All Yours

She’ll Be All Yours

A lot of guys just like you can’t get a date. If you think the reason you can’t get a date is because you’re not attractive enough, successful enough, or interesting enough, you’re mistaken. There are plenty of women out there who would like to get to know you but are missing out. Why? Chemistry.

Science has proven that pheromones play a large part in physical attraction and romantic love. Women are genetically hard-wired to be attracted to men who have a certain chemical scent. Pheromones aren’t detected consciously. She can’t smell them on you but she will notice them because they automatically affect the way her body responds.

Back in the caveman days, there was really nothing around to affect natural chemical scent and pheromones. People didn’t really bathe and chemical fragrance didn’t exist. It was all about pheromones back then. Now, we live in a modern society where hundreds of scents compete for your attention.

Think about it: There’s body wash, hair spray, synthetic fabrics, detergent, household cleaners, and air fresheners. Not to mention the fact that certain synthetic substances like the BPA found in plastic have interfered with normal hormone function. It’s gotten to the point we can’t really “smell” each other anymore.

You could be the most masculine, muscle-bound man in the room but if you don’t smell right, she’ll look you over for the scrawny guy with glasses in the corner.

It’s time you used the science of pheromones to combat the onslaught of distracting smells and sensation. To stand apart from the crowd and be the man she’s been yearning for, fantasizing about, and wants to be with.

When you use pheromone cologne, you’re putting proven science to work for you and you’ll get a date in no time. (Maybe more than you can handle!)

Pheromone Cologne and the Science of Attraction

According to a study published by National Geographic, women perceive masculinity based on scent. Women who smelled a mix of male pheromones identified gender-neutral figures as male. Women who smelled the control fragrance (which contained no pheromones) were less likely to do so. They more often identified the figures as ambiguous or female.

Pheromone colognes don’t just improve your dating life; they improve the way people relate to you. A study published by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, showed that people exposed to oxytocin, a chemical found in some of our pheromone colognes, brought about feelings of trust, attachment, and relaxation. All sensations you want your love interest to enjoy. The safer and more comfortable she feels around you, the more she’s likely to open up.

Catch Her Eye and Win Her Heart

When you use pheromone cologne, you’re not just spraying on an instant attractant that’s going to make women everywhere wrap their arms around you. It’s not a “magic potion”; it’s a tool, just like your best suit or your car. But unlike your suit or car, nobody has to know about it. It’s a secret you can keep all to yourself. She won’t know and neither will the other guys competing for her attention.

Just don’t rely on the cologne. Use some flirting techniques. If you spot her from across a crowded room, catch her eye. If she looks into your eyes and holds the connection, hold it with her until she looks away. The next time she looks up, look away. If she catches you staring, she may think you’re some kind of creep. In a few moments, catch her eye again. If she smiles, you’re in. Make your way over and start a conversation.

Don’t worry about saying anything terribly clever. A simple, “Hi. I’m Dave. How are you tonight?” will do. If you’re feeling really confident, a “You have really green beautiful eyes” will flatter her. Ask if you can buy her a drink or if she’d like to dance. Don’t over-think it. Women are naturally drawn to confident men. If you stammer, stutter or can’t look her in the eye, she might mistake your nervousness for weakness and move on.

The Right Pheromone Cologne for You

All pheromone colognes are not created equal. The kind of pheromone cologne you’ll use will depend on the desired effect. For example, one of our top-selling colognes is called Edge Trust for Men. Edge Trust for Men contains oxytocin, a naturally-relaxing compound that makes everyone around you feel at ease. It’s the perfect casual date pheromone with nothing too serious in mind.

Gain Trust in a Subtle Way

Gain Trust in a Subtle Way

Alpha 7, on the other hand, is a take-charge kind of pheromone cologne that not only catches her interest but can help you get her into bed. When these powerful pheromones get to her, she won’t know what hit her. Using Alpha 7 transforms you into the shy guy at the back of the bar to the confident, chatty guy getting her number.

The Alpha Man Gets the Girl

The Alpha Man Gets the Girl

How to Use Pheromone Cologne

Pheromone cologne isn’t like the drugstore stuff you’re used to wearing. You can’t just splash it on in place of a shower when you’re running late. If you do, you’re going to scare her away. Too much of a good thing sends too powerful a signal. It indicates you have so much testosterone in your body, you’re a threat. But you can under-use it too and get no reaction at all.

The trick to using pheromone cologne to get a date is to experiment. Use them alone or mix them with your signature scent. Just dab a little on your wrists, neck, and chest. Get out there in the world and make casual conversation with women. Smile. Flirt a little. Nothing major. See what kinds of reactions you get. If nothing seems different, try a little more and go for it again.

Once you get the mixture right, you’ll know. Women won’t just talk to you like they’re making casual conversation, they’ll start to flirt. You may notice a lingering eye-gaze, a hair twirl, or a head-tilt that lets you know she’s checking you out. That’s your cue to make a move.

Don’t spend another Saturday night alone wondering why that girl you met last week hasn’t called. When you use pheromone cologne, you’ve got the secret edge you need to succeed.

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“My bottle of “The Scent of Eros” arrived in the mail yesterday, and when I removed the lid I knew I was in for something…”


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