Easy Self-Defense Tips for Women

Written by Janelle Lawrence

On November 7, 2022

Many women are looking to learn how to self defend without having to take traditional karate classes. These self-defense tips can help you avoid becoming a victim no matter how small, shy or inexperienced you think you are.

  1. Heel-Hand Strike

If your assailant is in front of you, use your free hand to thrust the heel of your palm into his nose. Throw your entire body weight into the move and strike as hard as possible. Now is not the time to hesitate or hold back. This move could mean your life.

  1. Knife-Hand Strike

For this move, all four fingers of your hand should be tight together with your thumb bent and crooked beneath them. This move will work well if your assailant is in front of you and you can strike at either side of his neck. Again, throw your entire body into it. Strike quickly and without hesitation. The power of surprise may be the only one you have and every second counts.

  1. Jugular Notch Attack

The space just above where your collarbones meet is called the jugular notch. This is just below where the Adam’s apple would be on man. When you press on it even gently, you’ll feel an almost immediate need to gag. If you’re attacked from the front, you can use two fingers tight together to strike at this area like a snake. Go as hard and as fast as you can. Bring him down and then run.

How to Get Out of a Bear Hug

You may think that once you’ve been grabbed from behind, there’s no way to fight back. Not true. No matter how much bigger he is than you or how strong he is, you can get away from him. As soon as you feel his arms around you, react. Stomp your feet down as hard as you can on his feet.

Pull forward with your body and get your center of gravity as low as possible. The idea is to knock him off balance and get away from him. You can also twist your body hard in one direction or another to loosen his grip and get away. While you’re stomping your foot, find a finger and pull until you hear something break.

How to Avoid Being a Target

The best self-defense of course, is offense. This means it’s very important for a woman to understand how not to become a target in the first place. Attackers just don’t pick victims at random (unless they’re on a bath-salt induced homicidal rampage). Therefore, to avoid being a target, you need to avoid looking like one.

When you’re walking alone, walk with purpose. Keep your head up, look around regularly and keep your keys in your hand. Travel with pepper spray or a taser and always look like you’re ready for action. Who cares if this makes you look unapproachable? Anybody who is going to approach you in a dark alley isn’t somebody you want around anyway!

Also, and this is vital: Trust your instincts! So many women are trained to not be rude and not to make waves even in this day and age. If there is something about the person or situation you do not like, get away from them.

You can still be polite while there are plenty of other people around but never take no for an answer. Something in your gut is telling you to get away so do it. Many survivors of sexual assault and other crimes have said they wouldn’t have gone through what they did had they listened to their instincts.

These self-defense tips can help you avoid becoming another statistic of a crime. Also, if anybody ever comes up to you and puts a gun or knife to your side when you’re in a public place, you’re better off trying to get away. You’re an advantage when you’re in a crowded place. Once he gets you alone, you’re at his mercy. Always try to get away. It means your life!

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