Written by Dave Rich

On February 4, 2012

EnLast Cream Review
When a man thinks of sexual dysfunction, he may imagine problems with erectile dysfunction or small penis size. But what about premature ejaculation? Many men start out with a bang in the bedroom with a hard, firm erection and plenty of length but the party is over in less than five minutes. Most women do not get the satisfaction they need from this type of sexual experience. When you see that strained smile and disappointment in her eyes, it’s enough to kill your self-confidence.
So what to do to last longer in bed and avoid embarrassing premature ejaculation? Try EnLast cream! This natural cream is different from natural male enhancement pills in that it focuses on helping you last longer and enjoy more intense orgasms.
How Does EnLast Cream Work?
EnLast cream helps a man to last longer in bed by increasing sexual stamina and decreasing penile sensitivity. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything. Quite the contrary. Some men are more sensitive than others, resulting in premature ejaculation and embarrassment. EnLast cream dials down some of this sensitivity so the sexual satisfaction and enjoyment builds gradually for a more satisfying experience for both partners.
EnLast cream also provides sexual lubrication, increasing wet friction and deep satisfaction.
Is EnLast Cream Safe to Use with a Condom?
Some male enhancement creams break down the material in condoms and reduce their effectiveness. Men who want to stay protected can safely use EnLast cream with a condom. Using Enlast cream with a condom may actually further improve male sexual performance by adding another layer of sensitivity reduction.
What Ingredients Can I Find in EnLast Cream?
 EnLast cream contains a blend of FDA-approved ingredients to help men last longer in bed. These ingredients include:

  • Benzocain – An FDA-approved male genital desensitizer, benzocain helps you last longer by reducing over-sensitivity and delaying premature ejaculation.
  • Muira Puama – Also referred to as “potency wood”, muira puama increases sexual stamina and desire.
  • Huanarpo Macho – This Peruvian herb has been used successfully by both Shamans and warriors to increase physical endurance, alertness, and sexual prowess.
  • Blue Passion Flower – Chrysin, a compound derived from blue passion flower, has been shown to increase testosterone production and improve male sexual performance and desire.

How Often Should I Use EnLast Cream?
EnLast cream won’t work instantly. It’s important to apply this product at least 45 minutes before making love. Over time using EnLast cream, you’ll notice an increase in your sex drive, confidence, erection, and stamina. By the fifth week, you should feel like a changed man and your lady should notice the difference as you last longer in bed than ever before!
What about Side Effects?
No matter what type of male enhancement cream you use, there’s always a potential for some type of side effect. This is because allergic reaction is always a possibility. If you notice redness, rash, irritation or pain, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.
Men taking any type of prescription medication should consult their physician before using EnLast cream. This is because this cream may reduce the effectiveness of certain oral medications.
When you want to last longer in bed, EnLast cream can give you the stamina you need to satisfy her. Don’t avoid sexual intimacy with your partner because of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Use EnLast cream to regain control of your body. You’ll be amazed at your ability to perform and the increased intimacy of a longer, more satisfying sexual encounter.
Don’t worry she’ll look elsewhere to get the satisfaction she needs. Try EnLast cream and last longer in bed. When she’s sexually satisfied, she’ll feel closer to you and safer in your arms. She’ll smile more and want to have sex more often. And you’ll enjoy deeper, more satisfying orgasms. It’s a win-win situation! There’s no need to be embarrassed about premature ejaculation any longer. With EnLast cream, you’re in control. So light some candles and tell her to clear her schedule. It’s going to be a long night!

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