Erection Fitness Program Review

Written by Dave Rich

On April 13, 2011

Erection Fitness Program Review – The Most Natural Form of Male Enhancement

If someone were to come with you complaining that they were having trouble getting hard, staying hard, or living up to expectations in their love life, what would you suggest? If you have tried pills and other products in the past, you may relate your failed experiences or slight improvements there. The next thing you should do is tell them to check out the Erection Fitness Program.

While you do receive a free bottle of VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil free when you sign up for this male enhancement fitness program, you will primarily use erection exercises to improve functioning of your penis. This is a natural method of enhancing your penile health. You can continue the exercises for the rest of your sexual life without paying for pills and other gadgets. You may also choose to combine the program with other supplements if you feel there are pills that work for you.

How Does the Erection Fitness Program Work?

When you want to bulk and look manly walking along the beach or sitting by the pool, you exercise, right? You start lifting weight, which is a way to break down muscle and divide cells so your body can build back up stronger and bigger. You will do pretty much the same thing when you start using erection exercises.

There are tissues running around the outsides of your penis, a ligament running the length of your penis, and a large vein where blood enters to create your erection. All of these parts of the penis must be strong and in effective working order if you are to have a gigantic erection that functions properly.

Once you sign up for the Erection Fitness Program, you are given access to videos that show you exactly how to work the penis for maximum benefit. You are given daily videos for a complete four month program. At the end of the program, you will have all knowledge needed to continue working your penis so it stays in peak condition. You still have access to those videos for life, so you can always go back to relearn certain exercises.

Putting It to the Test

Six lucky men were allowed to try the program for free and they averaged a gain of more than 1.5” in penile length and gained just over 1” in penile girth over the course of the entire program. Even more impressive is the fact that most were able to sustain their erections up to twenty-five minutes. This should enhance your confidence in the program.

What’s Included?

You are essentially purchasing a membership to a website featuring the daily video guides and instructions for all of the exercises. It is broken down into phases:

  • Boot Camp
  • Progressive Overload Sequence
  • Maintenance

You will spend at least a month, and up to six weeks in boot camp. You learn basic exercises to get started and then move into the progressive overload sequence, which is where you will stay for the rest of your four month exercise program. You will eventually move to the maintenance program, which is a way to ensure you maintain your results.

You will spend most of the program gaining length and increasing girth, but you do work on increasing blood flow to the penis toward the end of the program. You will continue to work on length throughout the program, with the most advanced exercises coming at the end.

The variety of erection exercises offered in the program ensures that you do not stagnate for long periods of time. Just as a bodybuilder wants to keep their muscle guessing what will come at it next to avoid those plateaus, you will keep your penis guessing to avoid the same problem.

Weight loss is no good when it is only temporary, and the same thing goes for gained inches and girth on your penis. The Erection Exercise Program shows you how to keep your results for the long term. That is something missing with male enhancement pills, since you can’t take the pills forever. You can exercise your penis forever!

Are You Ready to Get Your Penis In Shape?

This program is quite different from male enhancement pills and other gadgets currently selling on the market. You actually have to put out some effort to keep up with the program. The results will be more satisfying as a result, but you have to fully commit to the process. It is not much different from committing to get rid of your beer belly; you are just working a different part of your body.

There is a money back guarantee, so if you get into the program and find that it is not living up to expectations, you can ask for a refund. Just note that you cannot blame the program if you are missing your workouts. If you want to skip workouts and cut yourself short, know that you are only harming yourself. You can get your money back, but you will not have gained the length, girth, and sexual prowess that you set out to gain.

The only person who can fail the program is you. The only person who can succeed with this program is you. Do it for yourself, commit, and see how the Erection Fitness Program could change your sex life for good!

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