So you’re single, successful and ready to settle down. That’s great. So why haven’t you found ‘the one’ yet? If you Googled “find me a wife”, you’re not alone. The dating scene can get extremely frustrating when week after week you walk away from the bar or club with an aching head, an empty wallet, and not so much as a phone number. If you’re ready to get married, you’ve got to get out of the bar scene and into one geared toward you.

Before You Meet a Wife

The words, “find me a wife” have been searched over 600,000 times according to search engine results. If this many men are looking to get married, how can you be sure you find the right kind of girl before the next fellow does?

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Know What You Want

To meet a wife, you have to know the kind of woman you want to settle down with. What does she look like? What are her values? What kind of activities does she enjoy? What are her political views? Get a pen and a paper and be really specific about the kind of woman you’re looking for. After all, this is a woman you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, not just some girl you’re taking home for the night.

  • Get Confident

Whether you’re looking for a date or a wife or anything in between, you have to be confident. Women are naturally attracted to confident men because they can protect them and ensure the safety of their families.

Confidence means feeling secure in your surroundings and comfortable with the people around you. Confident men aren’t cocky but they are self-assured. When they approach women, they’re relaxed and attentive. Improve your confidence level and you greatly increase your chances of attracting Mrs. Right into your life.

  • Get Healthy

You don’t have to be built like Vin Diesel to meet a wife but if you want to catch her eye, you’ve got to be healthy. Women are hard-wired to be attracted to men who can pass on good genes to her children. So, kick the habit, lose those love handles, and clean up your diet. The better your health, the more confident and capable you’ll feel in your ability to find a wife and build a satisfying life together.

  • Build Her Trust

When you meet a woman for the first time, you don’t want to throw around some cheesy pick-up line. You really want to get to know her and build her trust. Flirting too much or coming on too strong will send the wrong impression and she’ll head for the hills.

When you feel relaxed and confident with her, both of you will release a chemical hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is called “the trust hormone” because it naturally increases feelings of relaxation and social bonding.

When a woman is exposed to this pheromone, she feels safe and will open up and confide in you. To build her trust, really listen to what she has to say, make eye contact, and engage in casual conversation that won’t make her feel threatened. Never come on too strong.

If you’re nervous around women and have trouble keeping your cool, use Liquid Trust Men’s Pheromone Cologne. This high-ranking pheromone cologne product instantly breaks down social barriers and makes both you and those around you feel instantly calm, comfortable, and connected.

Where to Find Me a Wife

Finding a wife can be difficult at a bar or club. Women who frequent those places are usually looking for a confidence-boost. She wants to dress up and look attractive so men will buy her drinks and flirt with her all night. Most of the time, though, she’s not looking for a serious relationship.

If you’re looking to find a wife and not just a casual fling, get out of the bar and into these preferred alternatives:

  • Dating Websites

Dating websites are at the top of this list because they’re a great place to meet your future wife. Many of these high-quality matchmaking websites are designed to really get to know you and the woman you’re looking to meet and they can help put you closer to the woman of your dreams in no time.

  • Dog Parks

If you don’t have a dog, borrow one from a friend. Dog parks are a great casual place to meet single women looking to get married. They’re usually over the age of 25, successful, and interested in starting a family. To approach a woman at a dog park, let your dog be your wingman. Let him make the first approach to her dog and strike up a conversation.

  • Concerts

Concerts are another good place to meet a woman to settle down with. Just be sure you choose your shows carefully. Knowing the fan demographic of an artist can really help you meet the right kind of woman for you.

First, think about the music that you like then visit some active forums or Facebook pages for the artist. If that band if followed mostly by teenagers, you should probably move on. Female artists like Adele, and Kelly Clarkson are huge right now and have millions of devoted female fans.

  • Book Stores

Book stores are another great place to meet the kind of woman who is looking to get married and settle down. Many book stores have coffee shops where you can meet women for casual conversation. In this relaxed atmosphere, you increase your chances of meeting a woman without her guard up and who is really excited to talk about the latest book she’s been reading.

  • Festivals/Fairs

Seasonal festivals and fairs can be good places to find a wife because it invites causal conversation and interaction. At a festival or fair, there are plenty of things to talk about; art, music, animals, rides, and people. There’s also so much to do and see that it encourages natural social interaction between strangers.

If you’re ready to settle down and get married, you’ll be able to find a wife when you get clear about what you’re looking for. Now that you know what to do, your next step is to get out there and meet her!

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