How Men Can Improve Their Personal Relationships

Written by Dave Rich

On March 18, 2011

Personal relationships can be both the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your life. When a man struggles in his dating, business or family relationships, his physical and mental health may suffer. After all, stress is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure and heart disease. So how can a man improve his personal relationships? Read on to discover the secret to getting more dates, succeeding in business and mending family ties.

What’s the Real Secret to Getting More Dates?

Do you ever wonder why some men seem to draw women to them like a magnet while others sit in the corner of the bar alone? Believe it or not, there is a real secret to dating. It’s called confidence. The use of pheromone colognes have been shown to be an effective way to give men positive experiences with women due to their attractive properties and therefore boost their confidence level. When women show interest in men by socializing and giving them attention it is a big confidence booster.

What’s got you feeling less than confident about yourself? Is it that spare tire? Hair loss? Erectile dysfunction? No matter what you’re dealing with, if you’re trying to pick up a girl and all you’re thinking about is an imperfection she has, she’s not going to be all that into you.

A man who really wants to succeed with a woman needs to work on himself first. Spending some time getting in shape, treating hair loss, and dealing with sexual health problems can go a long way in giving you some serious swagger. Women are naturally drawn to men who look confident yet relaxed. Men who laugh and smile easily but know how to take charge and protect her when the situation warrants it.

How Men Can Improve Their Marriage

Of all the personal relationships a man can have, the one he has with his wife should be the most sacred. The marriage relationship isn’t always wine and roses. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things a man can do to improve his relationship with his wife.

  1. Be willing to help around the house

You work hard at your job and deserve time to relax. However, it’s important not to lose sight of how much your wife brings to the relationship. She’s busy too; most likely working, taking care of the home, and raising the children. Be willing to help around the house. Offering to do the dishes and laundry as well as taking out the trash and doing the yard-work will go a long way in making your wife feel cared-for and appreciated.

  1. Compliment her more

No, this doesn’t mean leaning over and whispering, “Hey, baby, you look hot in those jeans” because you’re hoping to get lucky. Compliment her on a meal she’s cooked for you or the way she keeps the house even though she’s been working all day. A little appreciation goes a long way in strengthening the marriage relationship.

  1. Don’t air your dirty laundry

One of the most common relationship-killers is loose lips. Sure, you want to blow off steam with the guys and complain about this or that but it’s not a good idea. Asking for honest advice is one thing but bad-mouthing your wife not only makes you look bad, it tells everyone your marriage is in trouble and may lead to further drama down the road.

  1. Be encouraging and supportive

It’s the 21st century. Your wife’s role in your marriage relationship has moved past diaper changing and house-cleaning. Learn more about her hopes and dreams and encourage her to pursue them. Even if that means you have to pick up a few more chores around the house.

You’ve Got Kids, Now What?

When a couple decides they want to have children it changes just about everything in the relationship. Kids are great. Adorable. Fun. Challenging. One of the most common complaints of couples who have children (other than they get no sleep at first) is they never have time alone together. In order to save and improve your relationship, it’s important to have a date night once a week.

That means hiring a babysitter to look after the little ones while you and that special someone go out to dinner or a see a movie. Finances a bit tight? Send the kids to grandmas and make a special meal at home! Making time to reconnect with your significant other deepens your connection and keeps you going strong as a couple.

When Erectile Dysfunction Gets in the Way of Your Relationship

Men struggling with erectile dysfunction may feel confused about how to approach this problem in their relationship. He may make excuses to avoid sexual encounters and his significant other may get the wrong idea. She may think, “Don’t I turn him on anymore?” The best way to deal with erectile dysfunction is to be honest about it and take steps to get to the root of the problem.

Most men immediately want to reach for that “quick-fix” little blue pill. But that’s not always the answer. Men over 40 especially should learn how prostate problems can contribute to male impotence.

Since certain erectile dysfunction medications can cause unwanted side effects, men should take a look at their natural male enhancement options before moving asking for a prescription.

How Can Men Better Succeed in Business?

Just like dating, a man who brims with confidence is going to be more successful in business than a man who isn’t. Succeeding in business is also a matter of being present in your job. This means really understanding your company, its mission, and its needs.

Taking pride in your appearance is also another way to show your supervisor and co-workers you mean business. Also, reliability is an important asset to have. Don’t show up late to work or bail on your boss when he needs you. Be someone who can be counted on and you’re sure to climb that corporate ladder. If you see a problem, instead of pointing it out, think of ways you might be able to correct it and then propose it to your supervisor. He’ll be impressed and sure to remember you when it comes time for that promotion.

Family Relationships – Can Some Really Be Saved?

Personal relationships within a family can be very complicated. Maybe you don’t get along with your sister or your dad was always in and out of your life. These difficulties can be compounded especially when you have no choice but to be near those who cause you to feel uncomfortable. Think: Weddings, funerals, holidays.

Instead of avoiding certain family members trying taking these tips into consideration:

  • Focus on the Present – Living in the past will only make it harder for you to see the person as they are today.
  • Forgive – If your family member is making an effort to change, learn to forgive and let go.
  • Communicate – Communicating your honest feelings with another person is never easy, especially if you’re not sure how they’ll respond. However, even if it’s not well-received, you can be confident you’ve done your best to mend the rift.
  • Make Amends – If you’ve done something to hurt a family member, make amends. Being honest about what you’ve done and how you feel about it will go a long way in re-establishing trust.
  • Let Go – Sometimes, you just can’t win. You can go round and round and round with a family member until you about give yourself a heart attack. Accept the person for who they are and let go of the rest. There are plenty of other people in your life who accept you for the person you are.

No matter your relationship difficulty, there is always a way to take charge and turn it around for the better. When a man feels confident in his romantic and business life, he’s in control. He feels connected to his world and everyone in his life. Think about it. The only person you can change is yourself. So what kind of man do you want to be?

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