How to Pick Up Women – A Real Man's Guide

Written by Dave Rich

On June 21, 2012

Why is it some guys get all the girls while you end up going home alone? Is there some secret on how to pick up women? There is. Women are genetically wired to be attracted to a specific kind of guy. If you’re going to get any action, you’ve got to know how to naturally be that kind of guy. Not just act like it. No cheesy pick up lines are going to work here. It’s time to get down to the real advice.
How to Pick Up Women – 10 Basic Rules to Follow
1.      Be Confident
If you want to know how to impress a girl, the first rule is the most important. Be confident. Women are naturally predisposed to be attracted to men who can protect and take care of them. It’s in her genes. They want a man who is sure of himself, who walks with confidence, and carries on conversations with ease. When you approach a woman, always do it with confidence. Use strong body language and a relaxed facial expression and you’ll pique her interest.
2.      Make Eye Contact First
Before you get started with your pick-up lines, make eye contact first. If you see her across a crowded room, look at her, observe her facial expressions and body language. What is she doing? Is she watching you, smiling at you, twirling a drink straw seductively in her mouth? You’ll experience a lot less rejection if you test the waters first.
3.      Focus on Her (Not Her Friends)
If she’s there with a bunch of her friends, it can be intimidating to make the approach. But remember, you’re not trying to pick them all up (they’re probably not into that), you’re just going for one. When you see your opening, go for it. Say hi to each friend but focus your full attention on the girl you have your eye on. If you hit on all of them, it will be a fast turn-off. They’ll either think you’re desperate or a complete cad.
4.      Make Her Laugh
Once you’ve made the approach and you’ve got a bit of a conversation going, try to make her laugh. This doesn’t mean come up with a joke off the top of your head. Maybe tell her about some cheesy pick up line you were working on before you came over like, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” The cheesy pick-up line only works if you use it in the right way: To get a giggle and make her feel more relaxed.
5.      Think Outside the Club
At a club or bar, women have heard it all. Every pick-up line, every come-on, and probably every lewd comment. She’s probably got her guard up so if you don’t come correct with your game, she’ll lose interest fast. There are plenty of women outside bars and clubs. The grocery store, the laundromat, the park, the gym, etc. When you approach her in these everyday settings, she’ll be more flattered and receptive. Just be sure to read her body language and facial expressions before making a move. If she’s busy or stressed, she won’t want to be bothered.
6.      Don’t Fear Rejection
Fear of rejection is one of the top reasons men have trouble picking up women. They’re so worried she’s going to say no, they don’t even bother. Remember, no woman is too attractive or too good for you. If you think like that, it will show and she’ll walk away. Let go of your fear of rejection. Be confident and make that approach. If she’s not interested, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
7.      Read Her Body Language
Some women are just nice. When a guy approaches her, even if she’s not interested, she may make polite conversation while looking for an exit. Read her body language and facial expressions. Is she making eye contact or is she looking around the room? Is she stepping closer to you, smiling, touching your arm or does she have her arms folded across her chest? Reading body language will go a long way in preventing you from overstaying your welcome and creeping her out.
8.      Know When to Walk Away
Speaking of overstaying your welcome, it’s really important to know when to walk away. While you’re talking to her, play it cool. Show interest and get to know her. Do what you can to find out if she’s unattached. Ask her what she likes to do, what her hobbies are. This will give her an opening to let you know if she has a boyfriend.
9.      Be Honest
The cheesy pick-up line is bad enough. At best, it gets a giggle and helps her feel more comfortable around you. At worst, it totally turns her off like a neon “Loser” sign suddenly appeared on your forehead. Lying is even worse. If you try to impress a girl by telling her you own a mansion and a beach house or by implying your penis could rival that of a sperm whale, she’ll soon find out you’re a fraud and she won’t appreciate it.

10.    Always Close the Deal
Once you’ve got her attention, you want to close the deal. Talk with her for a while and end on a high note. Ask for her phone number or an email address. Or, if it’s going really well, ask if you can go out for coffee sometime. Give her a smile and a long, lingering look while you walk away and then, leave the club/bar/area. If you’ve really hit it off, there’s no sense in walking around the bar chatting up other girls. You’ve made an impression and given her a little mystery. Keep it going.
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If you’re worried you don’t know how to pick up women and have to rely on cheesy pick-up lines to get a girl, just remember the secret is confidence. If you feel good about yourself and what you have to offer, the rest will fall into place.

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