Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula Review

Written by Dave Rich

On April 12, 2012

Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula 
High blood pressure is no joke. Often called, “the silent killer” chronic elevated blood pressure levels often go unnoticed until the problem is serious. If you’ve noticed symptoms such as severe headache, shortness of breath, pounding in your chest, neck or ears, vision problems, confusion, fatigue or blood in your urine, you’ve most likely had high blood pressure for quite a while and need to get it under control immediately.
Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula can stabilize your blood pressure levels without the side effects of some prescription medication.
Risks of High Blood Pressure
Stress is a common factor in the development of high blood pressure. Do you burn the candle at both ends at work? How are your personal relationships? Men with high-stress lives could use a little extra help keeping their blood pressure at stable levels.
Coronary artery disease is a common risk of high blood pressure as is the development of arteriosclerosis. More serious complications such as enlarged left heart, kidney failure, and cognitive impairment can also develop from chronic hypertension.
Sexual Dysfunction and High Blood Pressure
Erectile dysfunction is another risk of high blood pressure most men don’t think about. If blood pressure levels remain high for long periods of time, it can lead to artery damage and limited blood flow to the genitals.
Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula – A Natural Health Ally
With permanent sexual dysfunction as a risk of high blood pressure, it’s important to have an ally to help keep blood pressure levels stable. Enter Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula. Prescription blood pressure medications can lead to side effects such as erectile dysfunction (ironic, huh?), weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, constipation, gout, jaundice, and male breast enlargement.
Not Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula. Its all-natural ingredients are designed to keep blood pressure levels stable without making matters worse.
What’s in Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula?
Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula contains a propriety blend of herbs and minerals designed to regulate your blood pressure in a safe, natural way.
Its ingredients include:

  • Calcium – An essential mineral, calcium helps your heart muscle work properly (contracting and relaxing) and helps your nervous system regulate the blood pressure in your arteries.
  • Magnesium – According to renowned natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, magnesium can help normalize blood pressure levels without side effects. Working closely in conjunction with calcium, this mineral works by regulating energy molecules, relaxing blood vessels, and promoting heart health.
  • Malic Acid – Studies have shown that malic acid, when combined with citric acid, can help lower blood pressure naturally. Malic acid helps the body increase ATP, an enzyme that supports muscle health and helps reduce muscle stress.
  • Citric Acid – Combined with malic acid, citric acid has been shown to help stabilize blood pressure levels. In addition, consumption of foods high in citric acid can help the body turn more alkaline, reducing arterial inflammation.
  • Glycine – According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, glycine has been shown to help reduce the blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome. It is believed the high antioxidant content in glycine is responsible for the reduction in free radicals and may provide anti-inflammatory effects.

Should I Be Worried About Side Effects?
If you have kidney or liver disease or are currently taking anti-psychotic medication, do not take any treatments containing glycine without talking with your doctor. If you are already taking a blood-pressure lowering medication, do not use  Hypercet as this could lead to extremely low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and even death. Men with any other type of serious medical condition should not use Hypercet or any other herbal remedy without first consulting their doctor.
Men who are looking for a natural solution to high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction problems can stabilize their blood pressure levels with Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula. Its all-natural ingredients help the body heal itself by fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation, and relaxing blood vessels. The clock is ticking. High blood pressure is silently doing its work to wreck havoc on your body. Don’t wait until erectile dysfunction or a heart attack tell you it’s nearly too late. Take control of your health with Hypercet!

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