How to Increase Your Penis Size

Written by Dave Rich

On February 21, 2013

surviving_male_impotenceIf you feel you just can’t “measure up” to other men, it can have a serious impact on all areas of your life. Men with small penises often lack confidence and may avoid the dating scene altogether. The good news is, event the shortest man can do something to increase his penis size. Even you. Read on.
How Having a Small Penis Affects Your Life
A small penis doesn’t just make things in the bedroom difficult; it can have a negative impact on all areas of your life.
Small penis size affects:

  • Confidence

Men with small penises are generally less socially confident that their more “well-hung” buddies. When you know there’s something different about you hiding just beneath the surface, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive or how good your clothes look. You could be the best-looking and richest man in the world and still feel inadequate.

  • Self-Image

If you have a small penis, it also affects your self-image. Even if you’re generally a positive guy, there’s just something about you that feels out of step with others, like you’re always in competition. This can make you walk with your head down and your shoulder slumped, especially when your friend is right next to you, bragging about how much he’s been getting laid lately. When your penis is small, you may even feel so inadequate that you get frustrated and angry at others.

  • Dating

It doesn’t take a genius to know that your small penis is going to affect your dating life. You can walk into a bar or club with all the swagger you can muster but that hidden doubt in the back of your mind will hold you back every time. Even if you stuff a sock down there before you leave the house, women will know. It’s really not the size that’s the problem but how you feel about your small penis that will turn them off every time.

  • Sex

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, the lady in your life may tell you she’s happy with what you have. After all, you probably are good in bed. But a small penis will always affect your sex life, even when you use sexual positions for men with small penises. She loves you but you think she secretly desires more.
Just How Small is Your Penis Really?
Here’s the thing. Your penis is probably not as small as you think. If you watch a lot of porn movies, you might think you’ve got the smallest one on the planet. The average size of a fully erect male penis is 6 inches. Anything smaller than that is considered small.
How to Increase Your Penis Size
Just because you have a small penis, doesn’t mean you have to live with it. You can increase the size of your penis naturally with a combination of penis enlargement exercises and natural supplements.

  • Penis Enlargement Exercises

Yes, you can actually stretch your penis to a larger size. This has to be done over a period of time and is very similar to what you already do when you masturbate. The ‘milking’ method is the most common method and involves using both hands to gently knead a semi-flaccid penis. Starting at the base, use your thumb and forefinger to press against the base and work your way up. Then switch and use the other hand. When you penis is completely flaccid, you can use gentle stretching exercises to improve the length.

  • Natural Supplements

In addition to a good penis fitness program, you also need some natural male enhancement supplements. For best results, you need to choose a male enhancement supplement made especially to increase your penis size. After all, not every man with a small penis has a problem with erectile dysfunction.
Here are two natural male enhancement products that improve penis size:

  • Natural Gain Plus – Natural Gain Plus is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that contains ingredients like niacin, zinc, maca, and catuaba to help improve circulation, firmness, length, and girth. You take one tablet twice daily with a meal and should see results in less than one month! Get more information on Natural Gain Plus now!
  • Pro-Enhance Patch for Men – Some guys just aren’t into swallowing pills. No problem. That’s why there’s Pro-Enhance Patch for men. When you take a pill, it has to be processed through your digestive system. With the patch, this potent blend of herbs gets delivered right into your bloodstream for harder, firmer erections and improved length and girth. Get more information on the Pro-Enhance Patch now!

You don’t have to be embarrassed about your small penis anymore. When you use a combination of exercises and supplements to enhance the length and girth of your penis, you’ll feel more confident in the bedroom and beyond.
What are you waiting for? Get started today and surprise her tonight!

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