Insomnia Myths All Men Should Know About To Improve Their Love Life

Written by Dave Rich

On December 31, 2013

Suffering from insomnia can damage many parts of a man’s life including his love life. However, when you think you are suffering from insomnia just because of the dis-information that is out there, then that really isn’t good for you and you should do something about it. This is because the thought of having insomnia can affect you psychologically and that alone can damage your love life. So if you want to have a better understanding of what insomnia isn’t then read on for 5 insomnia-related myths.
You Can Try Hard To Get Asleep
In order to get to sleep the last thing you should be doing is trying hard, because that will be counter-productive. You need to create a relaxing atmosphere before you go to sleep so that your mind and body can get ready both physically and mentally for sleep. Getting stressed about sleep is only going to keep you awake for many hours, and this will give you the feeling that you might indeed have insomnia. An expert from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine explains how to prepare yourself for a good night’s rest:

Many people with insomnia try too hard to sleep. It is important to help your mind and body relax at bedtime. Take a warm bath, eat a light snack or read for a few minutes before going to bed.

Having a routine before you go to sleep may also help because it will let your body know when sleep is approaching, and that will go a long way towards improving your chances of falling asleep quickly.
You Can Catch Up With Your Sleep Later
Some people believe that if you have a period of days where you don’t get much sleep then you can simply make up for it by sleeping longer for a few days afterwards. However, this isn’t the case completely, because you will encounter some negative health effects if you drain yourself of sleep, with the intention of making up for it at later date. Opting for a regular sleeping pattern where you get approximately the same amount of sleep each night is the way to go. An expert from Sleep Junkies explains that missing out on sleep is not a good idea:

A common held belief is that you can catch on any hours you missed during the week by sleeping a few extra hours at the weekend. However, some studies have shown that this may not be adequate to fully restore you for the week ahead.

Life can get the better of us sometimes and you might be forced to go for a few days without adequate sleep. However, as soon as you have a day where you can fit in an adequate amount of sleep then do so. An irregular sleeping pattern can lead to insomnia-type symptoms because it can be difficult to get to sleep when your body doesn’t know when it is supposed to be sleeping. The human body has an internal clock that dictates roughly when it should be sleeping and when it should be waking up. Constantly failing to sleep according to the internal clock can make it more difficult to get to sleep, or it can have other negative effects such as leaving you drained of energy for the week.
4 Hours Of Sleep Is Enough
You may have heard of some famous people such as ex-British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, and NBA star Kobe Bryant say that they can get by on 4 hours of sleep. However, this might be the case for them, but for the general population it isn’t a good idea to sleep for only 4 hours, because you will not be able to function anywhere near your optimum level.
Getting only 4 hours of sleep and still being able to function is a very attractive proposition because you will have much more time in the day to do the things that you might not have time to do. This is increasingly becoming a problem for most people because of how technology is able to create time sinks in people’s lives.
Drinking Alcohol Helps You Get To Sleep
From time to time having a good drink before going to sleep can make it easier to fall asleep, but doing it on a regular basis isn’t a good idea. Not only will this cause you to form an addiction but it can also reduce your ability to get to sleep once you become dependent on it.
For example, if you regularly drink to get to sleep and then go for a period without drinking prior to sleeping, you will then have a hard time falling asleep and that may lead you to believe that you have insomnia. The simple action to take if this happens to you is to simply avoid drinking and thinking about alcohol, and your dependency on it with relation to sleep will go away. An expert from Bold Sky suggests that alcohol isn’t a good idea when trying to get to sleep:

Some people believe that only a drink might make a person sleep well and take them out of the clutches of insomnia. But this is not really so.

Falling Asleep Is a Gradual Process
Most people might believe due to their difficulties of falling asleep that getting to sleep is a gradual process. However, if you have a healthy sleeping pattern then you should be able to fall sleep very quickly, almost like turning off a switch. For those people with sleeping problems falling asleep can be a slow and a draining process, as an expert from Newsweek suggests:

For most people, it switches on and off like a light switch. But for insomniacs and narcoleptics, the switch doesn’t quite work. Instead they inhabit the space in between-never entirely awake, nor entirely asleep.

If you find yourself falling asleep too slowly then it means that there is something wrong with either your overall health or your sleeping patterns. Only by finding the cause of the problem will you be able to get to sleep quickly without any elongated periods where you lie awake.

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