Introductory Guide to Erectile Dysfunction

Written by Dave Rich

On May 16, 2022


Erectile dysfunction has become a very common and widespread issue throughout the world, and it affects men of all ages, races, backgrounds and more. While it’s viewed as a sexual problem, it has many more consequences than bedroom performance. ED also negatively impacts self esteem, confidence and more, and it becomes a source of embarrassment and other problems with relationships.

Many people can’t get past that and don’t understand that it’s actually a medical problem, and it comes from real medical issues in most cases. Now more than ever, there are multiple solutions which you can seek out to try to get rid of this problem and everything that comes along with it.

Men suffer not only from the problem itself but also from the feeling that they are one of the few people who are dealing with it. It makes you feel left out, ashamed and embarrassed, and even shunned in a sense.

A 1999 sexual health survey had interesting results showing that about half, or 50%, of all men from age 40 to age 70 experienced ED problems, whether it was getting or maintaining an erection, and whether it was frequent, sporadic or all the time. That’s a huge percentage obviously and it shows how prevalent this can be.

The same survey however showed that about just two percent of all adult males sought treatment. How can it be possible that 50 percent deals with a problem, but only 2 percent gets help for it?

One thing is that many men have been too embarrassed to seek out help even when they have a problem, and if they have gotten help, they don’t want to talk about it. That definitely accounts for a large portion of the difference.

Another issue at hand is that 1999 seems recent but is actually 12 years ago now. In that time, many new medications, treatments and so forth have been released, and the topic has become less of a taboo. That means that a much greater percentage of men today will seek treatment than they did even a decade ago because there are more solutions available, and it’s more socially acceptable to get those treatments.

In learning about erectile dysfunction, it’s important to realize that there are two main categories of causation. The first is a psychological issue, such as a mental block which stems from a past experience or a fear of some kind, and that accounts for about 30% of all ED cases.

That’s a much lower figure than many people would predict, and while it’s a sizable percentage, it places the vast majority of cases into the category of a real medical, physiological problem, which means something that’s actually going on with your body. Once again, the good news here is that it is something which can then be treated or worked with, since it’s coming from a real physical problem and something which can be identified.

There are many potential physical issues, illnesses, ailments and more which could lead to Erectile dysfunction. All kinds of heart disease or vascular problems can cause this, as can blood pressure, both low and high. Other prescription medications can be impacting you negatively and causing side effects. Even the things you do throughout the day can have an effect, such as drug usage, drinking alcohol, smoking, and more. Plus there’s a myriad range of normal health problems, nutritional problems and more which can have a major impact.

If you personally have been dealing with ED, you should rest easy knowing there are option on the table that you can seek out and explore. As mentioned, there are many prescription medications, including multiple categories, such as ones that work immediately and ones that give you a long window of time to have improved performance. The two most popular choices are Viagra, for the former, and Cialis, for the latter category. But there are many others, too.

From there, there are also herbal supplements and treatments, there are surgical procedures, there is psychological counseling and therapy if you have a mental and not a physical issue at hand, and on down the line from there. So you have no shortage of options to consider and of which you can turn to for help when you need it.

Remember, you’re not the only guy suffering from ED, and this isn’t the end of the world. It’s a real medical condition, and there are many options to it can be treated in many ways. Check-out erectile dysfunction treatments at the comprehensive online resource for top-selling Leading Edge Health supplements, Natural Health Sources.

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What’s the Truth About Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement is something that causes a range of different emotions and thoughts in people, from being uncomfortable to being intrigued, from thinking of it as taboo to thinking of it as a real strategy for improving self confidence, improving relationships and more. With the following information you should be able to learn more about male enhancement and what it means.

There is a whole lot of false information out there. There are crazy products and systems which won’t work at all, and could even harm you. There are all sorts of rumors about what really works and what you might want to try.

But you don’t want to believe any of this or follow in the wrong footsteps, you need the real truth of the matter so you can make safe, sound judgments for yourself. When it comes to male enhancement and your private parts, you don’t want to make a mistake!

Everyone considering male enhancement has the question about the size of themselves compared to the size of the general population. Everyone has heard the phrase size matters, and that’s something that’s hard to move past or forget.

And nobody wants to be a disappointment or feel like they are below average, less than or subpar. But knowing the actual sizes and averages will help you move forward.

The average erect penis for an adult male is between 5 and 6 inches in length. If you watch television, read men’s or women’s magazines or have seen pornography, you probably have a distorted view of what is normal or not normal. But that is the real range, and that may change the feeling that you have about yourself one way or another right from the start.

You might find that you are actually average when you thought you weren’t, or maybe you’re closer to the average than you thought, or even above the average! Whatever it is, it’s important to be informed. And also remember, an average is just that, average. It also means there’s a huge range both lower and higher than that in which a lot of the population falls.

But now that you know about those sizes, getting back to male enhancement, what is out there today, and what should you be considering if you’re ready to move ahead? As mentioned, there’s a large range of products and systems and ideas out there, but not all of them work as intended.

Check-out our Natural Health Sources Website Information which is a comprehensive resource for all of our top-selling Leading Edge Health supplements with name recognition.

There are exercises you can perform and whole regimens you can try to maintain. Not all of these exercises work but we review user comments to determine which ones have beneficial results.

Likewise there is a lot of misinformation about male enhancement lotions and creams. Based on user reviews not all of them work and we only review the ones we believe actually do what they say they do.

One male enhancement strategy is a surgical procedure. These can work, but they can also be dangerous. They are expensive, you’ll have to recover for a long time, and there’s no going back to the way you were. We believe this alternative should be avoided by most men.

All of that scares a lot of people off for good reason. Then you have things like penis pumps. Those are more hype than anything else, and won’t really work, or work very well.

One thing that has been producing great results for many people are herbal supplements of various kinds. By getting your body the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants and more, you can actually see marked improvement, because a holistic approach is almost always the best one.

It might not work for everyone but it is definitely a place to start. Before you do get started though with male enhancement, remember the above information about the real averages and sizes, and the real truth about all of these different potential solutions.

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