Is She Really Into You or Does She Just Want to Be Friends?

Written by Dave Rich

On August 9, 2012

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get a break. You think she’s really into you but she never returns your calls. Why is female body language so hard to read? If you really want to know what a woman wants, it’s time to do a little studying. This way, you’ll know if she’s really into you or if she just wants to be friends.
5 Signs She’s Really Into You
When it comes to reading female body language, it can get kind of tricky. Is she really into you or does she think of you more like a brother?
Here are 5 signs she really likes what she sees:

  • Fingers – A woman’s fingers can tell you a lot about whether or not she desires you. If she’s really into you, she might trace an index finger along the rim of a glass or gently fondle her hair. And if those fingers find their way to your hand or arm, this is also a positive sign she likes you as more than just a friend.
  • Lips – If she’s biting her lower lip or wetting her lips a lot, this could be another sign she really likes you in a romantic way. This type of female body language indicates she wants you to focus on her lips and maybe, eventually, kiss her.
  • Eyes – Batting of the eyelashes isn’t just for romance novels but beware, experts say a woman who does this prefers to take control in both the flirting and the relationship. If she maintains eye contact with you and her pupils dilate, this is another indication that she’s really into you.
  • Questions – She makes a point to ask if you have a girlfriend by subtly (or directly) working it into the conversation. Something like, “Are you here with your girlfriend?” or “Did your girlfriend pick out that great tie?”
  • Availability – Female body language isn’t the only thing you have to read when it comes to finding out if she’s really into you. You also have to focus on her availability. If she’s given you her phone number, she may not pick up the first time you call her. (She doesn’t want to look desperate.) But, if she makes time to talk to you and makes a date with you, even if it’s just to meet you for coffee, chances are, she likes you as more than a friend.

5 Signs She Just Wants to Be Friends
Sometimes, a woman just wants to be friends. She may not be ready for a relationship right now or you just may be the big brother she never had. Either way, if you know the signs she just wants to be friends, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of flirting with her when she’s not interested. Here are some signs she just wants to be friends:

  1. She Refers to You as a Friend – A woman who knows you’re attracted to her but only wants to be friends will be direct with you. She may thank you for being such a good friend to her or say you’re like the big brother she never had. A woman who wants to be in a romantic relationship with you won’t use the words “friend” or “brother”.
  1. She’s (Very) Comfortable with You – When a girl is really into you, she’ll dress up and try to look her very best. A woman who just wants to be your buddy will probably have no problem showing up at your doorstep in sweatpants and a ponytail.
  1. She Talks About Other Guys – A girl who sees you as a friend will feel free to talk about other guys around you. She’ll tell you how sexy she thinks the guy in accounting is or how the jerk from the coffee shop never called her back after a date. That sort of thing.
  1. She Leaves You Holding the Bag – The shopping bag, that is. If a woman asks you to go shopping with her and lets you watch her while she’s trying on clothes, you’re in sibling territory here. A girl who is really into you wants to maintain some mystery. She won’t want to show you the process of how she gets gorgeous.
  1. She Tries to Set You Up with Her Friends – If she keeps mentioning how attractive her best friend is or how her co-worker has a great body, she’s either a lesbian or she just wants to be friends (or both, perhaps). Either way, you’re not getting any.

Sometimes it can be tough to read female body language for signs of flirting. Once you get comfortable with doing it though, the signs are pretty obvious. If you’ve got a great girl in your life and she’s just a friend, that’s not a bad thing. Just don’t focus on trying to turn her into a romantic interest.
That will only turn her off and make her feel she can’t trust you. Instead, focus on women who show you the signs that they’re into you. It will boost your dating confidence instead of making you feel all down and depressed. Now get out there and find the right girl for you!

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