Male Enhancement: Real or Scam?

Written by Dave Rich

On October 11, 2012

It seems like every time you open an email you see another advertisement for some male enhancement cream or pill that’s supposed to give you the sex drive of a rabbit and the length of a horse. Are all these men enhancement products nothing more than a scam? If you’re in the mood to have a normal, healthy sex life again, there are products out there to help. There are also plenty of scams.
What is Male Enhancement?
Male enhancement is another way of describing any pill, cream or gel to treat erectile dysfunction, improve your sex drive, lengthen your penis, or prevent premature ejaculation.
Do Men Enhancement Products Really Improve Your Sex Life?
That’s a good question. With all the pills, pumps, and promises on the market, it’s easy to think all male enhancement products are nothing but junk. The truth is, there are scams out there. Plenty of them. The good new is, you have plenty of real options to put you in the mood without wasting your money. Male enhancement products can enhance your romantic life by relieving erectile dysfunction and increasing your sex drive.
So how do you tell them apart?
How to Avoid Men Enhancement Scams
If you want to avoid male enhancement scams and only spend money on the good stuff, here are a few tips:

  1. “Smiling Bob” Isn’t Real

You probably haven’t seen the Enzyte commercials in a while but if you’re still thinking of purchasing this male enhancement pill, think again. As of May, 2012, millions of scammed consumers have been awarded damages for the fraud.

  1. Beware the Convenience Store Supplements

Guys, you know you can go into just about any convenience store to find a packet, pill or powder that promises to get your up and going all night long. The problem with these cheap Viagra knockoffs is many of them are actually made with Viagra. The problem with this is men who have a heart condition or other medical problem can experience serious side effects when using these products. Also, there’s not much of the “little blue pill” in these packets, so you’re probably just wasting your cash.

  1. Beware of Lofty Claims

If the bottle of pills you’re looking at tells you it can “Grow your penis to moose length in 5 hours” or “Give you the stamina of a bull”, one, get creeped out, two, expect a scam. Male enhancement pills aren’t miracles. They’re meant to help you out, not turn you into a mutant. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  1. You Get What You Pay For

If you’re buying creams or pills that cost under $10, you’re probably getting a diluted, watered-down version of a true male enhancement product. You’ll not only be out ten bucks, you might be putting something unhealthy into your body. Plus, it’s likely not going to work.

  1. Check Where You’re Buying Them From

Websites like Craig’s List and eBay are a veritable treasure trove of scams and duds. To avoid getting ripped off, never buy penis pills or erectile dysfunction creams from any second-hand site. One, you have no idea what you’re actually getting (or where it’s been shipped from), how old is, how potent the ingredients are or if it’s even safe to use.

  1. Avoid Rebilling Like the Plague

Rebilling has got to be one of the worst scams you can get involved with. First, you use your credit card to buy a $40 bottle of pills you think is going to get you in the mood for romance again, the next thing you know the things don’t work and you’ve been sacked with a new charge every month!
Always do your homework before buying any kind of male enhancement product. Read the fine print. Once your card starts getting a monthly charge, it’s almost impossible to find an actual customer service representative to take that charge off. Most guys have to cancel their debit or credit cards and it can take weeks to get a new one. Plus, a cancelled credit card can go on your credit report and cause future financial problems.

  1. Shop Well-Known Brands

Another good way to avoid male enhancement scams is to shop well-known products. This means products that have an actual customer service line and real testimonials from satisfied users. Penis pills such as VigRX Plus and ProSolution are backed by positive reviews and have been in business a long time. For men who are looking for a more direct approach to male enhancement, there’s VigRX cream for general enhancement and EnLast cream for premature ejaculation.
When you want to rebuild your sex drive and get in the mood again, the last thing you want to worry about is a male enhancement scam. Follow these tips and you’ll get the right kind of product for your sexual health problem so you can feel like a man again.

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