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If you’re like most men, you don’t think much about your health unless something is going wrong. No matter how young or old you are, there are plenty of threats to men’s health including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Even if it’s nothing that serious, men tackle health concerns everyday that surround their looks, their weight, their physique, and their sexual health.

But here at we know you’re looking for more than just another solution to sexual health concerns. You want a well-rounded website that sees you as a whole person, not just a body part. Having trouble in your romantic or business relationships? We’ve got a section on personal relationships just for you! Want to know how to lose those love handles or stay one step ahead of male pattern baldness?


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If you did come to this website because you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. Millions of men just like you have the problem. Here at we’re not going to just offer you a pill and send you on your way. We’re going to sit down and explain the common causes of erectile dysfunction and help you take back control of your health.

For those men who have difficulty taking a male enhancement pill there are other equally effective ways to improve sexual performance by the use of oils, gels, and creams. Learn more about these options on our product review page: The Best Male Enhancement Oils and Creams.

Also, if you are looking to avoid that embarrassing trip to the doctor and want to try natural male enhancement, offers honest, unbiased information that comes directly from doctors and actual users. This way, you can choose the right one for you without having to deal with false product claims and other male enhancement scams.

Get Fit, Treat Hair Loss, and Win at Relationships! is a well-rounded men’s health website. This means in addition to helping men cope with sexual health problems, it also offers you tips on staying fit and trim on a busy schedule and effectively treating male pattern baldness. It helps you to lose that spare tire without starving yourself or working out until you drop.

Being physically fit doesn’t just mean having large muscles or being able to kick some ass on the racquet-ball court. It’s about constantly making healthy choices, exercising regularly, eating well, and opting for activities that increase flexibility, stamina, and strength. There are three components of overall fitness that every man must focus on in order to stay well. These are:Happy guy working on himself

  • Cardiovascular Work
  • Strength Training
  • Healthy Nutrition

Few men are aware of how easy it is to stay healthy so they develop serious health problems or die needlessly in the prime of life. For example, did you know that 50% of men die from heart-related health problems each year? Or that men who smoke die 15 years younger than men who don’t?

If you didn’t know any of this, you’re not alone. Ignorance about important men’s health issues is common because there simply aren’t enough resources out there for men.

Love Solutions Store aims to fill in these knowledge gaps and offer you the support you need to take charge of your health and be the best man you can be.

Taking good care of your health not only means you’ll enjoy a long and active life; it means you’ll offer your family an insurance policy, a promise that you’ll be there to take care of them and provide for them for years to come.

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Here at Love Solutions Store, you’ll find objective, unbiased health information on important men’s health topics like:

Sexual Health – If you think erectile dysfunction, low libido, and loss of sexual interest is just an unfortunate side effect of getting older, that’s not necessarily true. Many men younger than 40 experience these embarrassing sexual problems and it can lead to avoidance of sex. If your sexual health is suffering, there are plenty of things a man like you can do to take back control in the bedroom. Learn how natural pheromones, male enhancement creams, and natural male enhancement pills can put that special spring back into your step without a prescription.

Fitness – Staying in good physical condition is a cornerstone of men’s health. Many men are looking for effective ways to bulk up on muscle and tone down on fat. Believe it or not, it’s easier than it looks to get the kind of body that turns a woman’s head. The secret is in the type of muscle-building supplements you use and the workouts you do. Are your techniques up to par?

Hair Loss – Noticing a bit of a widow’s peak or a slowly-expanding bald spot at the back of your head? It’s a common problem. Millions of men lose their hair for a variety of reasons, some you may not even have considered. If you’re losing your hair, especially if you’re under 30, hair replacement therapy might not be the first thing to think about. Certain medical problems that affect men’s health such as diabetes and thyroid disease can cause premature hair loss. What’s causing yours?

Prostate Health – One of the most primary men’s health concerns is prostate enlargement and cancer. After all, it’s unique to men and can only happen to men. But how can you improve your prostate health? What is a prostate anyway? Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction and/or frequent bladder urges may have an underlying prostate problem.

Infertility – Men who are trying to conceive a child with their significant other often feel great frustration and depression when it doesn’t happen. Male infertility can sometimes be caused by simple lifestyle choices such as smoking or a treatable medical problem like varicocele.

Nutrition – Let’s face it, some of us guys don’t get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. With work, family, and the kids, who has time to eat right? Vitamins and supplements that fill in these nutritional gaps play a major role in improving men’s health. But all vitamins aren’t created equal. If you’re still popping those generic grocery store multis, you’re missing out on feeling and looking your best. Good health begins when you choose the right nutrition.

Weight Loss – Look down. How’d that spare tire get there? Maintaining a healthy weight is a critical element in men’s health but busy career and family men often don’t have time to exercise or eat right. What’s a guy to do? Don’t stress. Working out and getting yourself back in shape is a lot easier than you think! Learn how to lose that gut fast!

Personal Relationships – Some guys get all the girls, the perks, and the business success? Why is that? Is there some sort of secret or magic formula they know but you don’t? When a man doesn’t feel confident in his ability to assert himself in personal relationships, his career and romantic life can suffer. This type of stress not only affects a man’s mental health, but his physical health as well. How in control do you feel over your own personal relationships?

Depression – When men get depressed, they exhibit different symptoms than women. Are you suffering from depression? Many men don’t understand why they suddenly feel tired, anxious, and irritable. It may feel like anger but it could be a sign of something more. Do you know the symptoms?

Cholesterol and Heart Disease – How does what you eat affect your chances of developing heart disease? Your favorite foods might be tasty but they could contribute to some serious health problems down the road. Learn what you can do to lower your cholesterol and lower your chances of developing heart disease.

Stress and High Blood Pressure – How’s your stress level these days? If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, job loss, or financial concerns, it might be pretty high. Burning the candle at both ends may get things done but it could also lead to health problems, including high blood pressure and sexual impotence. Learn how to lower your stress levels the practical way.

Product Reviews – We understand what it’s like for men struggling with erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems. Each male enhancement product described in our product reviews section has been reviewed by actual users and backed by certified physicians.

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The material on is supported by scientific research and backed by certified physicians. Here you’ll get the information, news, and tips you need to succeed and stay one step ahead of the game, the honest man’s way.