Written by Dave Rich

On April 18, 2014

Read the latest news coverage and information regarding the science of sexual attraction and the use of pheromones from the world’s biggest and most respected media networks!



Pheromones: A Secret Weapon For Love?

It is well-known in the scientific community that animals use pheromones for mating, feeding of young and other basic behaviors. However, pheromones are now being synthesized and sold as aphrodisiacs. Is all of it just hype? Not according to startling new research that claims pheromones do the trick when attracting a mate. Paris Hilton swears by them. Now that’s hot!


Research Proves Pheromones Improve Your Love Life!

Finally, there is proof from real clinical research that pheromones can improve your love life. The University of Chicago recently released breakthrough proof that humans emit and use pheromones when selecting a mate.


Love: Is it in the Heart or the Genes?

Though some say love is all in your head, new research is proving that human beings, not just animals, use pheromones when searching for a romantic partner. According to one study, those using synthesized hormones had a strong increase in heavy petting and kissing, informal dates, sexual intercourse and sleeping next to a romantic partner.


Do Pheromones Really Increase Sexual Desire?

Have you ever been so attracted to someone, it bordered on obsession? That type of animal attraction is called chemistry for a reason. Scientists have spent years researching pheromones to see if, like animals, humans use them when trying to find a mate. The most recent focus has been on two small pits located just a few centimeters on the inside of the nostrils. This small organ is though to be responsible for detecting these otherwise undetectable scents.


Testosterone Triggers Differing Brain Reactions, Studies Reveal

An intriguing study done by neuroscientists proves that sexual desire can be triggered by smelling pheromones.


The Law of Human Attraction

Scientists may have a new understanding of our basic instincts. The secret behind human sexual attraction may be linked to a new gene.


Forget Fancy Perfume, Reel Men in With Pheromones!

Women looking to find the perfect man should ditch the expensive French perfume and use pheromones instead. Research has indicated that men respond strongly to certain pheromones and will shower his romantic interest with affection.


Scientists Find a Human Pheromone Link

Scientists may have found the first human gene directly linked to pheromones and sexual attraction. These odorless chemicals, which have been used by animals since time began, have been discovered to be used by humans as well.


University of Chicago Proves Pheromones Really Work!

The University of Chicago study reveals startling evidence that male pheromones have an interesting impact on a woman’s ovulation.


Depressed? Smell a Man’s Armpit!

A new study indicates that women feeling depressed, anxious or stressed should reach for a hairy, smelly man, instead of a glass of wine. This research concluded that women exposed to the armpit odor of a man experienced reduced PMS, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings.


A Real-Life Love Potion #9

New research concludes that people using synthetic pheromones enjoyed more sexual intercourse than those the placebo. That’s a 47% increase, versus the 9.5% increase.

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