Outfits to Make Him Notice You

If you’re single and looking, you probably want to know what kinds of clothes men like. What should you wear? Certain clothes and outfits are attractive to guys while others are a major turn-off. If you want to look attractive to men, you should accentuate your assets without giving too much away. In this article, you’ll learn some easy ways to look sexy without showing off too much!

Look Attractive to Men – Clothing Items Men Like

1. Stockings – Stockings have a natural feminine appeal that is attractive to guys. Fishnets are an especial turn-on but they can be difficult to pull off in ordinary fashion. Find an excuse to wear them, however, and he’ll be eating out of your palm!

2. Heels – Heels are a universal turn-on for men. They elongate your body, instantly slim you, and accentuate your derriere.

3. Wrap Dresses – Slimmer waistlines and round hips seem to be a common turn-on for men. The wrap dress does everything. One, it’s a dress and men love the femininity of them. Two, it wraps around your body and hugs every curve. Three, they’re ideal for nearly all body types from slender to curvy!

4. Skirts – Skirts are attractive to men so long as they’re the right type. Minis are fine but best left at the bar or dance club. For everyday, choose a longer just-above-the-knee skirt and pair with a body-hugging sweater and knee-high boots.

5. Knee-High Boots – Speaking of clothing turn-ons, men love the knee-high boots. With or without stockings and paired with a wrap dress or skirt, you’ll get his attention every time.

6. Boot-Cut Jeans – There is something instantly flattering about the right pair of boot-cut jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes and can flatter any figure type, especially if they’re made with a bit of lycra for that snug but comfortable fit.

7. T-Shirts – You don’t have to dress up all the time to get a guy to notice you. T-shirts are great because they show off just enough but leave something to the imagination. They can be tucked in or out or dressed up or down, depending on the cut and style. They’re versatile and give you a relaxed but attractive edge.

8. Push-Up Bras – Okay ladies, if Mother Nature didn’t give you much to work with up top, there’s nothing wrong with accentuating what you’ve got. A push-up bra can give you just enough lift to show off some décolletage without being too revealing.

9. Yoga Pants – Yoga pants are the kind of sweatpants you can wear in public. They’re form-fitting and just classy enough to give you that relaxed, comfortable look that shows off the body you’ve been working on.

10. Shelf-Bra Tank Tops – Shelf-bra tank tops are great because they’re so comfortable and versatile. You can wear them with or without a bra, depending on your size and outfit and they’re perfect for layering. Pair them with capris, sandals, and a button-down shirt for a casual summer look that is comfortable for you and attractive to him!

What Not to Wear

One of the most common mistakes women make is showing off too much. For example, a mini skirt paired with a barely-there tank top and knee-high boots. That look pretty much says, “I’ll take any guy home with me.” You don’t want that. Men aren’t attracted to women who give it all away. Men like women who find ways to look sexy without looking desperate or trashy.

When it comes to what not to wear to attract men, it’s all about pairing. One or two items of clothing can be revealing but not everything. There has to be a balance. If you’re going to show off a little décolletage with a push-up bra and a low-cut blouse, pair it with hip-hugger jeans and conservative boots. When wearing a skirt and boots, keep your top a turtleneck or high-cut sweater.

Also, go easy on the makeup. Men prefer a fresh, natural look for everyday and a maybe bit more drama for a night on the town. Relaxed, fresh, and healthy looks are more attractive to men than painted on and teased out.

Looking attractive to men isn’t just about wearing the right outfit to make him notice you. It’s also about confidence. Sometimes shy ladies have trouble dating because they’re unsure of themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this. Sometimes a shy woman just needs a little bit of help in boosting her confidence.

Pheromone colognes for women pick up where an attractive outfit leaves off by stimulating the senses of the people around you. He won’t know what it is about you he finds so appealing but he won’t be able to resist. With the right outfit, attitude, and some pheromone cologne, you’ll have your pick of available men!

How about you? How do YOU attract men? Share in the comments below!

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