How to Do Penis Enlargement Exercises

Written by Dave Rich

On January 18, 2013

penis_enlargement_exercisesAre you concerned about your penis size? Many men just like you feel something lacking below the belt. If your penis size isn’t what you’d like it to be, you can do some simple penis enlargement exercises at home to improve your love life and satisfy her in bed.
Penis Size Does Matter
A woman who is in a loving relationship with you will tell you size doesn’t matter. No, she doesn’t want you to be hung like a mule (that would hurt her) but she is looking for enough size and girth to satisfy. If you’re penis is smaller than average (less than 6 inches), penile enlargement exercises can help boost your confidence and improve your sex life.
What are Penis Enlargement Exercises?
Penis enlargement exercises are simple techniques any man can do in the privacy of his own home to lengthen his penis. It involves using masturbatory techniques to manually increase blood circulation and increase length and girth.
How to Do Penis Enlargement Exercise Exercises
There are two basic methods of increasing penis size through penile enlargement exercises.
One is called the ‘milking’ method. This method increases circulation throughout the penis resulting in harder, longer, firmer, erections. When the penis is semi-hard, use your thumb and forefinger to firmly grip the base of your penis. Firmly but gently pull forward, applying pressure to your penis until you reach the head. Immediately following, let go and do the same process with your other hand. The idea is to keep the process going continually 10-15 times, once per day.
The other method is a simple stretching exercise.
For this method, your penis should be completely flaccid. Grip your penis firmly around the head and pull gently. You shouldn’t experience any pain if you’re doing it correctly. If you do, decrease the pressure. Hold each stretch for approximately 10-15 seconds. Do this exercise 10-15 times during each once-per-day session.
Benefits of Penis Enlargement Exercises
Penis enlargement exercises not only improve your confidence, they also help you maintain harder erections and improve your stamina in the bedroom. The increased blood circulation you’ll have after these exercises may also help improve your prostate health and cut down on your risk of disease.
A Bigger Penis Size Improves Your Sex Life
Men with small penises just don’t feel as comfortable with members of the opposite sex. They may be shy, hesitant, or even aggressive because they feel frustrated and inadequate. When you take control of the situation and use penile enlargement exercises, you’ll improve not only your sexual experiences but your confidence level as well. Confident men are more attractive to women and get more dates.
Women are hard-wired to look for men who are strong, confident, and virile. Use these enlargement exercises to boost your manhood and give her the sexual satisfaction she’s been craving.

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Add the Girth She Craves!

Add the Girth She Craves!

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