Written by Dave Rich

On January 16, 2013

how_to_use_pheromones_to_meet_womenSo you want to meet a girl. Join the club. Millions of men just like you are trying to meet women. So how do you get the advantage? Can you really find a scent that turns women on as soon as you walk into a room? Yes. Pheromones are amazing chemical substances that influence her sexual behavior on an unconscious level. Learn how to make them work for you.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances emitted naturally by both animals and humans. They unconsciously control sexual attraction, mating behaviors, parenting, and food location. When you’re trying to meet a girl, the last thing on your mind is these odorless, behavior-altering chemicals…but they should be.

Do Pheromones Actually Work?

You might be thinking, “Oh, come on. I’m really going to find a scent that makes women fall into bed with me? Get real.” Pheromone cologne products are real and they’ve got proven science behind them.

Pheromone cologne products have been featured and praised in the Los Angeles Time’s, CNN, and Discovery Health. According to scientific studies, men who used pheromone fragrance instead of a placebo, noticed a 47% increase in sexual intercourse!

Can you meet a girl using pheromones? Absolutely!

How to Use Pheromones to Meet a Girl

It’s not easy for every man to meet the right woman. If women are passing you by, you may wonder if you’re doing something wrong. You’ve got the right clothes, the right grooming habits, even the right job. So, what gives?

Testosterone, Androstenone, and Androsterone.

That’s right. You can be the beefiest, brawniest guy in the gym and still not put off a strong enough pheromone scent that attracts women. Alternatively, you could be a skinny, shy guy that gets a date every weekend because you’ve got the right chemicals naturally. If you’ve ever seen a dweeb walking down the road with his arm around a supermodel, now you know why.

In the end, it’s all about chemical attraction.

Find a Scent That Works for You

To use pheromones to get a girl, you need to find the right type of cologne. Think about what kind of aura you want to put off. Strong and masculine or laid-back and trustworthy? Do you want more dates than you can handle or are you just looking to catch the eye of a certain someone?

Let’s take a look at the type of pheromones to use to attract women into your life.

  • Project Power

The alpha male. The top dog. If this is the kind of guy you want to be, then you’re looking for a pheromone cologne product like Alpha 7 for Men. Alpha 7 is the highest-rated pheromone cologne product that catapulted onto the best seller list within weeks of hitting the market.

It contains 6 milligrams of androstenone and 1 milligram of androsterone, two powerful steroids that make you project the power, confidence, and sexual virility that attracts her like a magnet.


  • Project Trust

The easygoing, relaxed guy. The one she feels comfortable and safe with. The one she trusts enough to let deep inside. When you project trustworthiness, your social life improves immediately. She won’t know what it is about you making her open up, but she won’t be able to stop.

Oxytocin is a natural feel-good chemical contained in Edge Trust Men’s Pheromone Cologne. This formula not only contains attractant pheromones to catch her attention but 3 milligrams of oxytocin to gain her trust.

  • Get Her into Bed

While the above-mentioned pheromone colognes can certainly get her where you want her, Master Functional Men’s Scented Pheromone product takes it one step further with a secret scent called copulins.

Copulins automatically boost arousal and sexual desire. The pleasant sandalwood or vanilla scent masks the strength of this chemical pheromone product and gives you a secret weapon for getting her in the mood. Whether she’s Ms. Right or Ms. Right Now, she won’t be able to keep her eyes (or hands) off you.

The Best Way to Apply Pheromones

When using pheromones to meet a girl, less is more. Don’t bathe in the stuff before leaving the house or you’ll smell like a gorilla in heat and turn women off immediately. Too many pheromones send an unconscious danger signal to women that you’re a predator and to be avoided at all costs. You don’t want to come on that strong.

Start small and work your way up. Use a drop or two on your wrist or neck and head out on the town in your best outfit. Mingle, talk, flirt, and see what happens. If you don’t get the results you want that night, try another drop the next time you go out. Using pheromones is an experiment. It may take a few tries to get the amount right.

When you use pheromones, find a scent that works with the result you’re trying to achieve. Remember, pheromones can’t do all the work for you. You still have to get out there and meet people.

Don’t let the other guy get the girl this time. Get the love and sexual release you’ve been craving with pheromone colognes for men.

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