Pheromone Perfume Mimics Female Scent

pheromone_perfume_mimics_female_scentHas it been a while since you’ve had a real romantic connection? Hollywood may make it look easy but the dating scene can be a difficult one. This is why you need an advantage. Pheromone perfume can give you that advantage and help you find the guy you’re looking for.

The Amazing Sexual Power of Natural Female Scent

When you’re going out for a night on the town, you dress to impress. You wear a sexy outfit, put on the right shoes, apply your make-up to perfection, and dab on a little of your favorite perfume…but not so fast. Studies have shown that men find a woman’s natural scent much more alluring.

According to a study published by the Discovery Channel, men who were exposed to the natural female scent of an ovulating woman experienced heightened arousal and a 37% increase in testosterone.

When a woman is ovulating, she gives off a natural scent that unconsciously sends a signal to the men around her that she’s interested in coupling.

The study may sound a little base but this is the science of sexual attraction. Just like many animal and insect species, we humans use and respond to pheromones; odorless chemical compounds that influence social response, bonding, mating, and parenting behavior.

Use Pheromone Perfume to Turn Men On

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could harness the natural female scent of seduction and use it to your advantage at any time? Now you can. Pheromone perfume mimics the female scent that drives men wild. When you use it, men will be magnetically drawn to you. In turn, you’ll feel more confident, sexy, and desirable when you wear it. This stuff is really amazing.

The type of pheromone perfume you’ll use will depend on the desired effect. Let’s take a look at a couple of the pheromone perfume products offered by Love Solutions:


  • Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume

Scent of Eros pheromone perfume is ranked #1 in the business and is ideal for “phero-newbies”. This exotic female scent enhancer contains a powerful combination of pheromones and has a light, pleasant floral fragrance.

Scent of Eros makes those around you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and talkative. Women who’ve used it are amazed at the results. He won’t know what it is about you that’s so attractive but he won’t be able to resist the urge to get to know you better!

  • Edge Trust for Women

Edge Trust for Women is a favorite among pheromone perfume users. It offers a light fragrance to gently mask the pheromone odor, which elicits feelings of trust, companionship, and relaxation.

Edge Trust contains oxytocin, the natural human bonding hormone. One whiff of this pleasant scent and those around you will feel closer to you and see you as a trust-worthy person.

Real Science Backs Pheromone Perfume

Do pheromone cologne products seem too good to be true? You’re not the first skeptic to scan these pages. The good news is that real science backs up the claims behind pheromone perfume.

According to studies published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the University of Chicago, people who use pheromone products enjoy a 47% increase in flirting, dating requests, and sexual intercourse!

Your natural female scent is a powerful one. Now you can put it to work for you with pheromone perfume. Imagine how good you’ll feel when heads start to turn, smiles comes your way, and that handsome man you’ve had your eye on finally asks you out. Don’t delay your gratification any longer.

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