How to Use Pheromone Perfumes to Meet Men

Written by Dave Rich

On January 18, 2013

how_to_use_pheromones_to_meet_menDo you want to find a guy? You’re in an overfilled boat filled with women who want exactly the same thing. So how can you get the advantage and stand out from the crowd? Pheromones. Where to find the right man is just as important as how to find the right man. Pheromone perfume is your secret weapon to find a guy and get the love you deserve.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are amazing things. They’re odorless chemical compounds released by humans and animals and are responsible for sexual attraction, mating, parenting behaviors, and food location. You may have never thought much about pheromones before…but you should. Pheromones are your secret weapon for finding a man.

Can You Really Find a Guy Using Pheromone Perfume?

You may wonder if pheromone perfumes can really help you find a man. Is there any real science behind it? Yes! Human pheromones have been scientifically proven to increase sexual intercourse by an incredible 47%. Talk about improving your odds! Pheromone fragrances have been endorsed by top news resources including The New York Times and CNN.

How to Use Pheromones to Find a Boyfriend

Have you ever wondered why so many average “plain Jane” women have such handsome boyfriends and husbands and why some supermodel gorgeous women are still single?


That’s right. There is something about the chemical makeup of these women that puts off the right scent and draws men in like a magnet. Unfortunately, these pheromones have little to do with looks and personality. Men are attracted to them on a completely chemical level.

When you use pheromone perfumes, you get the advantage. Suddenly, men who passed you by before will stand up and take notice. Guys will open doors, smile, flirt, and want to be close to you. They won’t know what it is about you but they won’t be able to resist.

Finding a Scent That Works for You

The trick to finding a guy using pheromones is to use the right type of pheromone for the kind of experience you’re looking for.

  • Get More Dates

If you want to get more dates, you’re looking for a pheromone perfume product that turns heads. This product is Pheromax Women’s Unscented Pheromone Product. It contains androstenol, a steroid that naturally increases your approachability, and copulins, a hormone that raises the testosterone levels of the men around you.

Don’t be surprised if you practically get bombarded with phone numbers and dinner date offers when you use this powerful pheromone product!

  • Attract Mr. Right

If you’re looking for Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now, you’re looking for a pheromone cologne product that contains the trust chemical oxytocin. Edge Trust for Women is just the product. Oxytocin bonds partners and makes men feel more trusting and comfortable around you. He won’t know what it is about you that makes him feel so warm and open but he won’t be able to stop sharing his thoughts, feelings, and desires with you. For him, you’ll be the only girl in the room.

  • Take Him to Bed

If you’re not looking for a relationship and just want to have a good time, Mistress Functional Women’s Scented Pheromone Product is the perfect pheromone product for a sexually liberated woman like you. It contains chemical compounds called copulins, which enhance your natural arousal pheromones and increases sexual desire of the men around you. Its exotic and alluring scent of ylang ylang and ginseng will have him almost embarrassed at his sudden physical reaction to you. It’s powerful stuff!

The Best Way to Use Pheromones

When using pheromones to attract a man into your life, less is more. Use a drop or two or your pulse points alone or blend it with your favorite perfume. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy and get out there and flirt. If you don’t get the results you were hoping for on the first try, add another drop and get back out there. Experiment and have fun with your pheromone products. They’re a great confidence-booster!

Don’t spend another lonely night wondering why you can’t find a guy. Stop telling yourself you’re happy alone. You deserve to feel good. Get the love, passion, and comfort you secretly yearn for with pheromone cologne products for women.

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