Pheromones Fix Relationship Problems

pheromones_fix_relationship_problemsRelationship problems happen to every single couple. If you never fight at all, something is wrong. If constant fighting or poor communication has created a rift in your relationship lately, don’t throw in the towel yet. There are plenty of ways to fix your relationship and one of them involves harnessing the incredible power of pheromones.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are odorless chemicals emitted by humans and animals that influence social bonding, mating behavior, and parenting instinct. Oftentimes, loss of trust in a relationship can create an atmosphere of unresolved tension between a couple. Both parties want to work it out but are unable to get past a slight or hurt from a previous argument.

Pheromones can be used to fix relationship problems by increasing feelings of trust, bonding, and sexual desire. It may seem like a strange way to reconnect but science has proven pheromones work to influence behavior on a subconscious level.

Fixing Common Relationship Problems

Pheromones don’t do all the work for you. The problems in your relationship didn’t develop overnight so you can’t fix them just by spraying on some cologne.

A real relationship takes work. The right pheromone cologne or perfume as your ally in strengthening your bond but it can’t do it all.

To mend the rift in your love bond you must:

  1. Communicate

Communication is the key to a strong, healthy relationship. When things are on your mind, don’t let them fester. Spend time talking with your partner and resolving issues before they become the elephant in the room you just don’t talk about. Don’t just focus on the negative stuff either. Have intimate conversations with each other. Discuss your dreams, goals, and aspirations so you can build on them together.

  1. Date

Once you have children, dating can be difficult but in order to prevent relationship problems, you’ve got to spend time reconnecting. Hire a babysitter for the night and head out to a movie or prepare a candlelit dinner while your little ones spend the night with their grandparents. Just having the chance to dress up and get into that sexy mood again is enough to get those butterflies going and make you feel closer to one another.

  1. Have Sex

Regular sex increases oxytocin levels, which helps strengthen your bond. Take care not to use sex as a “fix-all” though. When the afterglow is over, there will still be problems do deal with if you don’t attempt to resolve them through real communication.

  1. Use Pheromones

Oxytocin is called the “cheat-proof pheromone” because it’s the chemical that strongly increases your bond with your mate.

Pheromones colognes like Edge Trust and Liquid Trust both contain this powerful pheromone and can help take the edge off of your relationship problems.

  1. Get Counseling

If more serious issues such as verbal abuse or infidelity are causing problems in your relationship, it’s important to get counseling right away. Oftentimes childhood trauma and past relationship baggage can interfere with having an intimate and fulfilling partnership. Abuse should never be a part of any relationship. Going to counseling as a couple can help heal old wounds and improve your communication.

Try it as an experiment. Pick up a bottle of Edge Trust for Men or Liquid Trust for Women and use it without telling your partner. If you do tell your significant other you’re using pheromones, it may influence his or her response to you.

A combination of pheromones and good communication, dates, and sex could be your key to fixing your relationship problems for good!

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