Are Pheromones A Secret Weapon For Dating?

Written by Dave Rich

On April 13, 2014

Every species is capable of emitting chemical signals called pheromones that affect members of the same species around them. These pheromones can signal anything from food trails and territorial marking to sexual readiness and attraction. It had long been thought that humans had lost the ability to perceive the presence of these pheromones, but decades’ worth of research has provided evidence that humans continue to produce and detect them.

These studies have even isolated several sex pheromones that would allow you to mimic the scent of an attractive man or woman, which is why there is so much hype behind pheromone products today. According to

“As a result, many companies are now synthetically producing pheromone colognes (and even perfumes), in order to give you the unfair advantage.”

How Do Sex Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are naturally produced in our armpits, genital regions and navels. These same pheromones are the ones that many companies synthesize to produce pheromone colognes and perfumes. They can then be spritzed on before a date or any other situation or occasion where you expect to meet the opposite sex.

But why are they in such demand if they are nothing more than a scent? Well, it’s mostly because of the specific part of the brain that detects pheromones. According to Marcus LaRosa of

“Pheromone signals that are sensed by the organ are then sent through certain nerves to a part of the brain called the “hypothalamus” – a part that’s known for its capacity to alter one’s emotions, hormones, reproduction and, of course, sexual behavior.”

The thing is, the information is fed directly into the behavior system, bypassing the rational brain completely. If the signal being communicated by the pheromones is positive, which all synthetic perfumes and colognes are supposedly formulated to be, then a sexual receptiveness can be observed. It is for this reason that pheromone fragrances are being marketed as attraction products.

Are Pheromones Really the Secret Weapon to Dating?

Of course, the next question people ask is just how much of an advantage do you get by using pheromone perfumes and colognes, if any at all? Do they really give you an advantage or are they just scams? To be honest about whether there is a significant advantage or not, the short answer is “maybe”. There are many factors that you need to get right before pheromones can produce the ideal effect. However, the more accurate answer though is “yes”. According to Marcus LaRosa:

“Using pheromones may increase your chances of having sex, but perhaps you shouldn’t aim for that end goal right away. Tested on women, pheromones that possessed a musk-like odor had a profound effect on them. However, dousing yourself in pheromones before heading out does not come with a guarantee of sex with an abundance of women. Women may become friendlier, even touchier with you, but that does not necessarily mean that they are aroused sexually. Odors do affect how often we have sex and with whom, but you can’t place all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak.”

Pheromones can certainly make it easier to perceive you as being more attractive. Because the scent of pheromones bypasses the rational brain through the olfactory system, this perception is unconscious and the person perceiving it does so without any impression of being manipulated. However, it is very subtle and can easily be overwhelmed by other factors, so you can’t just rely on it as the one and only trick up your sleeve for dating the opposite sex.

The Limitations of Pheromones

The thing is, pheromones are a scent, and if you’re going to use it in a bar or any other gathering place filled with a lot of people, that scent is going to get lost in the crowd. If you are trying to attract a man from across the room, you will have to use other tricks to entice him into coming closer, or just simply be the aggressor and walk up to him. Before trying to observe any effects on the opposite sex in response to the pheromone perfume you’re wearing, you’ll want to get close enough where their olfactory sense can detect it.

Also, the opposite sex will be more receptive to any advances or responses you might make, but it won’t make you any more attractive. A subconscious detection of pheromones won’t overcome a conscious perception of your lack of grooming or good hygiene habits. At least make the effort to groom yourself and go out looking good.

Choosing Which Pheromones to Buy

Once you do decide to get pheromones, which ones should you buy? If you want to attract women, there are two pheromones you should look out for when buying these colognes and perfumes: Androstenol and Androstenone. According to Marcus LaRosa:

“The difference between them is that androstenol can affect people’s (read: women’s) impressions of a man’s sexual attractiveness, intelligence and confidence.”

Androstenone is believed to be the scent of male aggression and dominance. Women are attracted to men who naturally secrete large quantities of these pheromones, and other men tend to avoid them”

On the other hand, if you want to attract men, you will want to look out for the pheromone Copulins. Copulins, interestingly enough, are found only in human vaginal secretions. Detecting their odor has shown to increase a man’s testosterone levels and improve their perception of a woman’s attractiveness.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying pheromone products for the first time is to buy a small amount that you can test for effectiveness and possible allergies first. People who are allergic can develop rashes, but this doesn’t happen too often. Just spray it on a small part of your body and observe for one or two days.

During that time, you can also observe the effect it has on people you interact with, particularly of the opposite sex. After all, you should be testing for effectiveness as well and not just allergies. Just keep in mind that bathing or washing the area that you specifically sprayed with pheromones will wash them away so refresh if necessary.

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