How to Use Pheromones for Women

Written by Dave Rich

On February 28, 2013

Woman with perfumePicture it: You’re walking into a coffee shop wearing your favorite body-hugging sweater. The barista you’ve had your eye on for months asks you what you’ll have. You order and as you take the cup from his outstretched hand, he smiles and gazes into your eyes. He looks away then looks up again, giving you a wink. Before you leave, he’s asked you out on a date.

Something about you has changed and only you know the secret.

Get the Dating Advantage with Pheromones for Women

There are over 6 million people on earth yet so many of us are still single. Why is that? Is there some secret to attracting a mate? Yes. The secret is called pheromones. Pheromones are odorless chemicals emitted by insects and animals that control social behavior, mating, and parenting attachment.

Until recently, there was nothing you could do to harness the power of these amazing chemicals. Now you can. When you use pheromones for women, you give yourself an edge above the competition. You stand apart from the crowds of single women vying for his attention.

Pheromones are Backed by Clinical Research

Oftentimes, the first thing women think when they read about pheromones for women is it has to be a gimmick. No way there is an actual chemical scent you can use to attract men into your life is there?


Clinical research has proven that these incredible chemicals actually do work to increase the number of dates and physical affection wearers receive. According to a study published by the University of Chicago, almost 75% of the population responds to the tantalizing effect of pheromones.

Studies have also shown that when men are exposed to the pheromones of ovulating women, their testosterone levels increase by a whopping 37%. More testosterone means more sexual attraction and desire thrown your way.

pheromax_for_womenHow to Use Pheromones for Women

If you want to get more dates and attract the right man into your life, it’s important to use pheromones the right way. First, think about what you want. Are you trying to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? If you’re looking to play the field a little, get more dates, and get a man into bed, you can’t go wrong with Pheromax Women’s Unscented Pheromone Product. Pheromoax contains two of the most powerful chemical attractants, androstenol and copulins, and they drive men wild!

When you’re looking for something more serious, try Liquid Trust Women’s Unscented Pheromone Product. This pheromone perfume is odorless and blends well with your favorite scent. It also contains the trust and bonding pheromone oxytocin. Oxytocin has been shown to make others feel comfortable around you and make them want to open up and share their deepest secrets.

Once you’ve selected the right pheromone cologne product for you, you have to know how to use it. With pheromones, a little goes a long way. Just dab a drop or two on your pulse points is all you need to get heads turning. If you use too much of any type of pheromone, your chemistry will come on too strong and men will be turned off instantly.

It’s also important to know how to mix pheromones with perfume. The best way to do it is to dab the pheromone of your choice onto your pulse points and follow with a small dab or spray of cover scent. It should be just enough to hide the musty pheromone scent without going overboard.

When using pheromones remember, they can’t do all the work for you. You still have to get out there and flirt. Dress to impress and hold yourself with confidence. Make eye contact, smile, wink, and strike up conversations. Once those pheromones get to work, you’ll be amazed at how effortless the dating game becomes.

If at first you don’t get the results you want, keep experimenting. Try adding a little more or a little less of the pheromones and get back out there. It may take a couple of times but you’ll get it right.

The man you’ve been waiting for is out there. He’s been looking for a woman just like you. When you use the right pheromone perfume, you’re one step closer to meeting him and making him a part of your world. Don’t spend your Saturday nights alone anymore.

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