What Do Pheromones Do?

Young hugging couple kissing under a rain, in passionWhat are pheromones? What do pheromones do? In the past couple of months, these amazing products have been making serious headlines but do pheromones really work? Science says yes!

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are odorless hormones emitted by animals, insects, and humans that influence social bonding, mating, and parenting behavior. Believe it or not, pheromones have an influence on you every day of the week.

That guy you find attractive? Pheromones. That girl you can’t get out of your head? Pheromones. It’s powerful stuff. And you’ve never been able to harness the power of the incredible chemicals until now.

What Do Pheromones Do?

Pheromones are amazing. They’ve been clinically-proven to improve both your personal and professional life. These products are so much more than just hype. Not only do they get you more dates, they make you feel more comfortable in your own skin so people are more naturally drawn to you.

Here’s just a few of the things pheromones can do for you:

  • Personal Life

Your personal life goes way beyond what goes in your bedroom. It’s about what goes on in your everyday life. Are you shy at heart? Lack confidence in yourself? Put the power of pheromones to work for you.

Certain pheromone colognes, such as Liquid Trust, uses a powerful social bonding pheromone called oxytocin, that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed around others. It also increases the level of trust people feel when they’re around you.

And when it comes to improving your sex life, pheromones can help you there too. According to research, people who used pheromones noticed a 47% increase in date requests, foreplay, and sexual intercourse!

The type of pheromone you’ll use for dating depends on the desired effect. Looking for a meaningful connection? An oxytocin-based pheromone will work best. Just looking to get lucky? Then you’re looking for something a bit stronger.

mistress_functionalWhat Type of Pheromones Do I Need?

If you’re looking for more dates and more sex, leave the trust pheromones for those who want to settle down and give these sexy pheromones a try:

Ladies: Copulins are the most powerful sex pheromone you can use to attract attention. Mistress Functional for Women is incredible. This pheromone is a powerful blend of copulins, vaginal alipathic acids, vomeropherin, estratetraenol, and TRP mixed into an exotic ylang ylang and ginseng scent that gives men around you the signal that you’re ready for action!

Gentlemen: The secret to getting a woman’s attention is to boost your natural male scent. Women are genetically hard-wired to men with high levels of testosterone. Chikara for Men is the product you need to entice her into your bed. This powerful blend of androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone will turn her head and send those signals for you.

  • Professional

Pheromones don’t just stop at getting you more dates; they give you an edge in the office too. With pheromone perfume for women, you can really break the glass ceiling! Studies have shown that women with higher testosterone levels are more tenacious and more likely to be in positions of corporate power.

Men, remember those trust pheromones we were talking about? They’re a must if you work with the public everyday, especially if you’re in customer service or sales. People are more likely to listen to, trust, and buy from people who emit the right kind of pheromone and for you, that’s oxytocin.

Pheromones may not be magic but they can certainly give you the edge you need to succeed. Don’t expect pheromones to do all the work though. When you’re trying to find a date, you still have to get out there and mingle. When you’re conducting business, you’ve got to work that certain combination of tenacity and likeability and it can be a fine line.

Do pheromones work? Give them a try and see!

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