Places You Should Wear Human Pheromones For Best Results

Pheromones have been working since the dawn of man for communicating sexual attraction between the genders through bodily fluids such as sweat and even urine. These natural body odors create chemical reactions in the human brain and are part of the reason you find yourself becoming aroused when you’re around your mate or an available man or woman. This is why pheromone products such as perfume and cologne have been taking the sex industry by storm. These sprays and oils allow you to intensify the scent that your body already exudes, amplifying the probability that somebody of the opposite sex will take notice of you. The best place to apply this romantic aid is to warm points of your body such as the throat, wrists, behind the ears, backs of elbows, and backs of knees. Once you smell good and ready to go you’ve got to decide which areas are best for meeting and greeting.

Get Outside

You can’t go wrong by heading outside to enjoy nature, whether you’re on your own and looking to get noticed or you’ve already got a mate and are just looking to intensify your sexual bond. Find a path to hike on, take a walk along a beach, or go biking – anything that gets you working up a sweat and keeps you close by to each other. Psychics Universe explains:

“Go somewhere you’ll do something physical, such as rock climbing or jogging. You’ll work up a clean sweat and be close enough to each other to let that chemistry do its job.”

If you choose an activity that keeps some distance between you such as cycling, be sure to stop frequently enough for breaks to touch your partner and give you an excuse to get close. If you’re out on your own and looking for love, you can intensify your chances by getting close to the people you pass, saying hello and smiling to make a lasting impression of yourself.

Hit The Club

Another excellent place to get noticed while using human pheromones as an aphrodisiac to attract others is the club or a party. Any place where it’s crowded enough that people are getting warm, emotions are running high, and you might brush past somebody is an excellent venue to test out some perfume or cologne. Be careful that you don’t put on too much if you plan on getting close to other people, but put on enough such that it will be noticed. Dr. Oz. writes for the Herald Tribune saying:

“Men’s sweat smell raises women’s cortisol levels – interesting because that’s a “fight or flight” hormone.”

Using these products with your own sweat gives you an edge against the competition and you might find yourself getting a little more attention than other men or women at the party or gathering.

Take It On A Date

Don’t be shy about wearing it out on the town, if you’ve already got a date and aren’t looking to pick up anybody while you’re out you can still play up your sexual atmosphere by spritzing on a little bit before you leave the house. Even something as tame as the movie theater can seem more excising if your date is subconsciously thinking about sex the entire night due to whichever product you’ve sprayed on for the night.

Use It At Home

Finally, wear it around your house if you’re married or living with a partner, or if you’re planning on having over any company that you might have chemistry with. This can intensify what’s already there by making both of you more interested in sexual activity. You might not even notice that your own levels of attraction are heightened by the chemical reaction that your spouse has.

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