Products That You Can Use To Enhance Your Love Life With Pheromone Scents

Human pheromones are the naturally produced chemicals that your body secretes during actions or emotions that cause sweat secretion and the like. In animals different pheromones are also found in urine and can be used for everything from marking territory to finding a mate. In humans pheromones are still a rather new concept to be flooding the markets, but have been making a serious impression on many different industries when it comes to romance, physical attraction and sexual relations. Although most studies have been inconclusive as far as human pheromones go, there has been some success in the field and new and improved products are coming out all the time to prove this to the world. When starting out with introducing pheromones to your hygiene regimen and lifestyle there are a few things to take into consideration including the type of item and how you’ll be using it. This can make a big difference depending on the kind of convenience and intensity you’d like the product to have.

Get Soapy

Believe it or not there are some people who actually utilize pheromone additives in their barred and liquid soaps. This is a great way to give yourself a small dose that isn’t too intense by way of reaction or scent, while still incorporating it into your lifestyle to test the effects. writes:

“Some hobbyists and manufacturers even use pheromones for glycerin soap making by adding either a scented or unscented pheromone as an additive to their formula and making your special soap as usual.”

This allows the creator or buyer to choose a smell or mixture of smells that they feel will complement the pheromone or overpower it so that there isn’t any strong unlikable odors associated with the process. It’s no good to put something on to attract the opposite sex only to repel them in the process. One drawback to using soap as a form of dispersing pheromones onto your skin is that you generally wash soap away when you rinse off and while the scent may linger, it’s far less potent due to the dilution of water and then further wiping at your skin when you dry off.

Just Add Oil

Similar to adding drops of aromatherapy oil to a bath tub, using infused oil as a means of wearing pheromones is an excellent way to increase the intensity of the product. Oils tend to use higher concentrations of ingredients than other more diluted items such as sprays or the soaps mentioned above. This is especially true if the product at hand is oil based to begin with. Pheromones Planet suggests:

“The effectiveness of pheromones is relative to the concentration used. The rule of thumb states the higher the concentration, the greater the results.”

If you choose to go with oils to represent your pheromone experience and appeal to the opposite sex in this way then you’ve got more options in the ways to wear them. Oil can be dabbed onto wrists and the nape of the neck as it is, or it can be added to bath tub water for a good soak, mixed into sprays or added to soaps and body products like creams. One down side to this type of pheromone application is that it’s so strong that there’s nothing to mask the scent and you may find yourself disliking the strong odor that some people claim to incur when they use these sorts of products.

Spray On

Probably the most popular method of application as far as pheromones goes is through perfumes and colognes which have become quite popular on the market lately. explains that their take on the recent enhancement of perfumes and colognes with pheromones by suggesting that humans don’t make enough on their own to make a difference to the romantic and sexual feelings of those around them. They go on to say the following in regards to this:

“As a result, many companies are now synthetically producing pheromone colognes (and even perfumes), in order to give you the unfair advantage.”

There are multiple brands to go through before you might find one that suits your purposes, but if you’re not in the mind set to do the leg work for yourself there are many different web sites where reviews can be found of other users who have already tried and tested products. There are also links to be found to actual brands and companies that can better explain the ratios used for different pheromones in their solutions and what sorts of reactions that can cause in humans. Many of the other forms of pheromones on the market don’t have quite as much readily available information to be found, though you can still retrieve descriptions of products and reviews on them if you know where to look.

Put On Some Gel

Last on the list of products where you can find and put pheromones to work for you are gel packets. These packets have a pretty potent quality similar to the oils you can purchase, but for the most part come in individual pockets. Wipes can also be purchased and used to freshen up when out on the town or in a romantic situation where you don’t have all of your cosmetics and sprays on hand. says:

“Sometimes using human pheromone products in public can be less than convenient, and that’s where pheromones gel packs and wipes come in.”

Some people use the gels as hair product, but it can also be rubbed onto areas in a similar fashion to a dab of perfume or the oil as well.

Most of these products come in specific formats for men or women to attract the opposite sex based on the many different pheromones involved in production. The most commonly known pheromones are called Androstadienone, Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone, but there are a few others that are less well known. Some researchers have actually said that vanilla produces similar results of calm and attraction in both sexes, but it isn’t as scientifically proven throughout other species as the pheromone theory is.

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