How Proper Skin Care Can Promote A Better Sex Life

Written by Dave Rich

On January 10, 2014

There are many ways to keep your sex life interesting and feel good about yourself and your body. And it should be noted that proper grooming and hygiene will definitely help. One thing that can make your intimate encounters more pleasurable that you probably never even think about is by making sure you’ve got healthy skin. Dr. Lancer at writes:

Sexy skin denotes you have healthy skin, the type of skin others would love to have and love to touch. Our skin is our largest accessory, something we take with us every place we go.

From the way that it looks to the way that it feels against somebody else’s body, your skin says a lot about you and it can help make you feel more confident and attractive at the same time. For tips on how to take care of your skin to promote a better sex life, read on below.
One surefire way to keep your skin at its best is to get rid of all of the dead skin cells and buildup of products that wind up embedded in your skin over time. These unwanted additions to your pores can make your face and body feel scratchy and rough rather than soft and smooth. Exfoliating can help take care of this problem by sloughing off the dead skin and revealing fresh new pink skin beneath. Obviously, you’ve got to be careful when you’re doing this, and some areas may only need to be exfoliated a few times a week rather than daily. Places like your feet, which build up rough calluses can generally be attended to whenever you like, but your face and sensitive areas like around your eyes and lips should be cared for more gently and often times with a different product or solution altogether.
This is a rather obvious one and yet many people completely forget to moisturize as a way to get better skin. This neglect is often found in men, although some are on top of their own skin regimens and can be more enthusiastic about it than women. Keep in mind that although many products can be used by both sexes, there are products designed specifically for the use of men due to the different chemicals in your body and regions where hair might grow more frequently like your face and chest. says:

Some of the most common skin complaints, like irritation and breakouts, are caused by using the wrong moisturizer.

It’s good to use the right product for your skin type so that you don’t dry your face out or wind up making it too oily. You also have to be careful that you’re not using anti-aging products created for people over fifty if you’re only twenty-five. The chemicals and additives in some of these get stronger in order to treat wrinkles and lines, and if you don’t have these facial imperfections yet, you really don’t need such extreme treatments.
Cover Up
Finally, be wary of the sunshine, even in the cold winter months when it doesn’t seem to shine as bright or warm. Your skin can become damaged from over exposure in a number of ways, and some of these problems are irreversible, making it that much more important to cover up with hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when you go outside. The Mayo Clinic advises:

A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems – as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.

Finding makeup or a moisturizer that has SPF protection built into it is a definite perk and can make protecting your skin much easier and something that seems natural to do. Rather than slathering on sunscreen before you go out, you could just apply your facial moisturizer; just be sure to get some on your neck as well.

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