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On June 30, 2012

ProShapeRX Product Review
If you’re looking to lose the pounds without the side effects of ordinary diet pills, you’ve come to the right place. ProShapeRX can help you lose weight without feeling jittery or sick to your stomach. It will give you just the boost you need to get back into shape and get healthy again.
Health Dangers of Excess Weight
Whether you’ve just got an extra set of love handles to get rid of or you haven’t seen your feet in years, carrying around any amount of excess weight can have serious consequences for your health. Obese men run the risk of health complications such as:

How ProShapeRX Can Help You Lose Weight
Losing weight is your first step to looking and feeling your best. But how do you shed pounds when you’re too busy to eat right and too exhausted to work out? ProShapeRX to the rescue! ProShapeRX is an all-natural weight loss supplement that increases your energy and prevents your body from storing excess fat.
When you combine this powerful supplement with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, you’ve got the combination you need to finally succeed in your weight loss efforts!
How ProShapeRX Works
ProShapeRX isn’t just another “diet pill”. It’s an all-natural weight loss system that works naturally with your body to give you just the boost you need to succeed.
ProShapeRX works differently from other weight loss pills. With this product, you won’t have to worry about the jitters or gastrointestinal upset. ProShapeRX contains 100% authentic Hoodia Gordonii, a safe, all-natural appetite suppressant from South Africa.
Unlike other diet pills, which contain high amounts of caffeine or ephedra, ProShapeRX contains no stimulants. You’ll have just the right amount of energy you need to get the best results from your workout while still being able to sleep at night.
Just take 3 pills with each meal and you’ll start losing weight in as little as 7 days! This is no starvation diet. ProShapeRX sends the signal to your brain that says, “I’m full” so you eat less but still get the nutrients your body needs. ProShapeRX discourages cholesterol absorption and helps prevent fat storage. It also supports your digestive health, boosts your metabolism, and increases your lean muscle.
Ingredients in ProShapeRX

  • Hoodia Gordonii

During hunting season, African men would go for long periods of time without being able to eat. They used the natural succulent plant, Hoodia to curb their hunger pangs.

  • White Kidney Bean Powder – Phaseolus Vulgaris

White kidney bean powder reduces the absorption of sugars from carbohydrates, reducing your overall caloric intake.

  • Beet Root – Beta Vulgaris

Beet root supports your liver metabolism, normalizes your pH levels, and strengthens the blood.

  • White Willow (Bark) – Salix Alba

White willow bark relieves the soreness associated with a hard workout and promotes the body’s ability to metabolize fat.

  • L-Methionine

Encourages the liver to burn excess fat.

  • Fenugreek (Extract) – Trigonella Foenumgraecum

Fenugreek helps support your digestive system, reduces cholesterol levels, and balances sugar levels.

  • Green Tea (Leaf) – Camellia Sinensis

Green tea boosts your energy naturally and helps your body more effectively burn fat.

  • Chitosan

This natural crustacean fiber prevents bile and cholesterol absorption and helps regulate your digestive system.
Do I Have to Worry About Side Effects?
ProShapeRX is one of the safest diet products you can use. It contains no synthetic chemicals, fat blockers or heavy stimulants. However, anybody can have an intolerance or allergic reaction to an herbal supplement. For example, if you’re allergic to shellfish, you may react to the chitosan in ProShapeRX and if you take blood thinners, you might want to talk to your doctor before taking a supplement with white willow bark in it.
Any guy with a serious medical condition or taking a prescription should talk to their physician before taking a dietary supplement.
With ProShapeRX, you can shed pounds and get back the energy you’ve been missing. Even if you haven’t tried a diet or workout plan in a while, this product could be the ticket you need to get back the body you remember. What are you waiting for? Try ProShapeRX RISK FREE for 30 days!

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