Science Of Attraction – The Laws Of Nature We All Follow

Written by Dave Rich

On April 14, 2014

Love is a feeling right? That is actually completely debatable. Many scientists believe that love is actually a chemical reaction. And we know for a fact that sexual attraction is definitely something that we can describe by science. This makes things a lot less romantic, unfortunately. Suddenly, “love at first sight” simply means measurable pheromones and other scientific facts. But just what is the science behind attraction? Let’s take a look at a number of facts that have been discovered, which determine just how attractive we are.

1 – Your Parents’ Age When They Had You Is Very Important

Once upon a time, people had children young. Now, we think of careers first, which is particularly true for women, who no longer choose to be homemakers. Many of us are very proud of our parents when the chose to think about their financial stability first. Interestingly, however, it seems that our parents’ age has an effect on who we find attractive.

“It turns out that both men and women born to “older” parents (age 30 and above) are less “impressed by youth,” and react more positively to signs of age in people’s faces.”

Luckily, your parents’ age does not affect just how attractive you actually are!

2 – It’s All About Symmetry

Symmetrical faces are much more attractive, and this is true with both genders. We seem to have an eye for straight lines and symmetry, and are naturally pushed away by something that looks out of place, be that in objects or in people. It is believed that the reason why we like symmetry is because it means we have good genes.

“Starting at conception, the human body develops by neatly splitting cells. If every division were to go perfectly, the result would be a baby whose left and right sides are mirror images. Good symmetry shows that an individual has the genetic goods to survive development, is healthy, and is a good and fertile choice for mating.”

However, it goes beyond symmetry. It actually appears that there is also something known as the “Golden Ratio”, which basically describes the ratio between our different features. Those who meet that ratio are classed as more attractive than others. Vertically, your face should be divided into five segments, and horizontally into two segments. Within those segments, there are different ratios in terms of each of your facial features. For instance, the distance between your two eyes should equate to 46% of the total width of your face, and the distance between the mouth and the eyes should be 36% of the entire length of your face. The closer we get to those ratio, the more attractive we are to others. Clearly, therefore, looks do matter!

3 – A Number Of Other Sexual Attraction Rules

There are a few more things that determine attractiveness. For instance, what your parents look like will determine what you find attractive yourself. Additionally, it is better to be average, which means mainly average height and weight. One of the more interesting facts is that we smell out love, because our noses are attracted to the pheromones expelled by others.

Other things are things we can actually change. For instance, both men and women are more attracted to members of the opposite sex if they wear red. Red is the color of passion, but also of strength. There are many other little facts, such as the fact that what you eat and what time of the month it is will vary what you do and do not find attractive.

What Happens When We Get Attracted

Clearly, who we find ourselves attracted to is not so much down to taste, but more to scientifically measurable variables. So what about what we feel when we find ourselves attracted to others? Surely, that is a personal experience that is based on our personality? Once again, not quite. There are a number of things that happen to us on a physiological and psychological level when we find ourselves attracted to someone else. The first is that we find our heart starts to beat faster. Clearly, they call love and attraction matters of the heart for a good reason.

“Our hearts are set aflutter, pulses literally racing, at the sight of someone attractive. In fact, the heart-attraction relationship is so potent, studies have found that increasing someone’s heart rate and then putting him or her near a pretty stranger can artificially ignite a flame of affection.”

Test this by sending your heart rate up, for instance by going on a run, and then looking at other people. You will notice that you find them far more attractive than ever before. Luckily, this will go away as soon as your heart rate returns back to normal. It is only when the chemical reaction of attraction truly takes place that your heart rate will remain up.

Additionally, when you speak to someone whom you feel attracted to, your voice will lower. This is possibly something that you won’t notice in yourself. The difference is minimal, but it is definitely there. Interestingly, both men and women do this. It seems that it is a type of love dance because we also search for someone whose voice pitch matches our own.

“Independent raters evaluated the voice samples directed toward the attractive target (versus the unattractive target) as sounding more pleasant when the two voice samples from the same person presented had a reasonably perceptually noticeable difference in pitch.”

So, next time you find your heart fluttering and you see someone who is attractive, ask yourself whether it is because you’ve just been for a run, or because they are wearing a red shirt. Ask yourself what is really happening inside your body. It is important to be aware of these things or you will find yourself “falling in love” with one person after the other. Naturally, you are well within your rights to do that (and it is also a myth that those who have had many partners are less attractive), but most of us do want to settle down at some point.

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