How to Get Sex by the Third Date

Written by Dave Rich

On July 8, 2013
She Wants You to Take Her

She Wants You to Take Her

You’ve met a woman you really want to get to know better but you can’t stop thinking about what she looks like naked. Slow down, guy. Not so fast. Before you can get her into bed (in less that’s all she’s looking for), you’ll have to get past the first two dates. A good girl knows that if she gives it up right away, you may never call her again and she’ll feel like a tramp. She may not show it but she wants you to play your cards right so you can get sex by the third date.

Your Behavior on the First Two Dates is Important

Your behavior on the first two dates is very important because the first two dates are interviews. You’re under a microscope whether you want to be or not. This means you’ve got to rise to the challenge.

The First Date

Date 1 is your first interview. Now is the time to be on your best behavior. Make sure you’re well-dressed, groomed, and exude a relaxed confidence. Sure, you’re nervous. Who wouldn’t be? But do what you can to get calm before you walk out the door or you’ll turn her off right away. Women are drawn to men who are confident and sure of themselves. Be that guy. Listen to what she has to say with attentiveness and answer her questions honestly.

The first date is not the time to stare at her breasts, mention sex or talk about your excessive pot use in college. The first date is the time to be a perfect gentleman and put your best foot forward. Let her know you’re having a good time with her and enjoying yourself. Compliment her on her eyes or her smile but avoid being overly flirtatious. Even the goodnight kiss shouldn’t linger too long. Let her decide.

The Second Date

It’s tempting to think you can completely relax and let it all hang out by the second date but resist the temptation. This is your second interview, that’s all. You’ve got a long way to go before you can close the deal. If you’ve met in a public place for your first date, offer to pick her up for the second. This puts you in control and will make her feel more at ease.

Keep the date light and casual and let her know you were listening on the first date by asking the right questions.

Showing her you remember something she said will let her know she’s important to you. This wins you points every time! The second date is also the time to ask her more questions and have a more intimate conversation with her. Allow her to open up to you and when she does, look into her eyes, and give her your undivided attention.

How to Get Sex by the Third Date

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the third date. Tonight might be your lucky night.

Here’s what to do to seal the deal with her:

  • Let Your Guard Down

The third date is finally the time to be more emotionally open. Revealing something vulnerable about yourself will endear you to her and she her you’re not just “out for one thing”. (Even if you are.) This doesn’t mean you can talk about just anything. Deep, dark secrets are best saved after the relationship has progressed a while.

  • Do Something Original

The third date is the time to think outside the box and do something interesting besides dinner. Go on a date that involves some physical contact. Go dancing, see a scary movie (unless she hates them), visit a carnival, play pool or even do some mini golf. Even a picnic in the park can be a great opportunity to get more physically close. After all, you’re both relaxing on the same spread-out blanket.

  • Mention the Future

If you take nothing else away from this article, take this: Referencing the future on the third date is a great way to increase your chances of getting sex. Something as simple as “Hey, I know you’ve always wanted to do this. Let’s do that sometime.” It will make her picture the two of you in it for the long hall and will make her drop her guard.

  • Be Spontaneous

Instead of showing up with a bouquet of flowers before your date, pick them (or some other small gift) up spontaneously during the date. This will keep you in the moment and avoid making you look as though you’re actively planning seduction.

  • Up Your Game with Pheromones

The absolute sure-fire way to get sex by the third date is to invest in a pheromone cologne product. Pheromones are odorless chemicals emitted by both humans and animals. Scientific evidence has proven that pheromones play a large role in increasing the likelihood and frequency of sexual encounters.

According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times:

“Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often (a 47% increase in sexual intercourse) than those who used a placebo (a 9.5% increase).”

The best pheromones to seal the deal by the third date contain a pheromone called androstenone. Androstenone is known as the sex pheromone because it has an immediate effect on women who are exposed to it. As soon as you show up wearing a pheromone cologne containing androstenone, her body will respond to you before her brain can understand what’s happening.

When you use a pheromone cologne containing androstenone, it will increase your confidence and feelings of masculinity. She’ll also notice this immediately and feel safer and more drawn to you. During the third date, there’s no reason to act as though you’re doing anything different; just ramp up your flirting a little bit. The pheromones will take care of the rest.

The type of pheromone cologne product you use will depend on how much of an impact you want to have.

For example, Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men is our #1 pheromone cologne product. It comes in a scented and unscented version that creates a friendly atmosphere with a masculine punch. It’s a little understated than some of our more powerful colognes but it will draw her closer to you.

Put Her Under Your Spell

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For a more powerful impact that will make her weak in the knees, there’s Alpha 7 Men’s Pheromone Cologne Product. Alpha 7 doesn’t pull any punches. It contains a powerful dose of androstenone and androsterone that will have her thinking about getting into bed with you all night. The unscented version can be mixed with the cologne you already wear so she’ll never be the wiser!

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Buy Alpha 7 Now

Sex is an exciting, calming release that everybody needs. If you’ve had trouble getting women into bed up until this point, you now have the tools you need to get what you want. Remember these tips and invest in the right pheromone cologne product and you might find that she’s the one jumping you!

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