Sex Moves: Do What She's too Embarrassed to Ask For

Written by Dave Rich

On December 20, 2012

Some women have absolutely no problem telling a man what she likes and needs in bed. Other women, on the other hand, are a bit shy. If you feel like your lady hasn’t been satisfied in bed lately, it might not be your performance. It could be that she’s craving some sex moves from you that she’s just too embarrassed to ask for.
Here’s what she really wants you to do!

  1. She Wants You to Seduce Her

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can be easy for your love life to get a bit routine. You may forget that foreplay is one of the most important parts of sex. It’s the sex move she wants you to try outside the bedroom. Women respond differently to sex than men. She doesn’t just want to get into the bedroom, strip down, and go at it. She needs a little excitement, a little enticement first.
One of the things she’ll never tell is how much she wants you to seduce her. Try surprising her by sending her a sexy text message while she’s at work. Tell her what you’ve been thinking about and what you’d like to do to her when she gets home.
An alternative to this is whispering something sexy to her while you’re out for a night on the town. Tell her how great her derriere looks in those jeans or how delicious her breasts look in that low-cut top. It’s all in your delivery. Leaning in close, whispering, and speaking in a deep voice, are all subtle ways to turn a woman on just by talking to her.

  1. She Wants You to Go Down on Her

Some women have preconceived notions about oral sex. They may fantasize about it but are way too timid to ask for it. This is because many believe that their lady parts are too “hairy”, “weird-looking” or “smelly”. If she’s referred to her genitals this way, she may be secretly hoping you’ll contradict her. Start by telling her how beautiful you think it is and how much you like. Kiss her on her abdomen and thighs and gently fondle the folds of her vulva. If she’s into it, try kissing the area. If she doesn’t stop you, go all the way!

  1. She Wants You to Dominate Her

The book series, “50 Shades of Grey” is flying off bookshelves for a reason. One of the top secret sexual fetishes women fantasize about it domination. This is especially true of business women who are always in control of their lives and career. This doesn’t mean come home tonight with a bag of whips and chains and tie her down.
Talk with her about it first.
The next time you’re in the bedroom, tell her you’re going to do something. “I’m going to take these jeans off now.” Say it a firm, confident voice and see how she responds. Or just ask her if she’s ever thought about trying loose restraints or handcuffs in the bedroom.
Some women just enjoy it when a man gets on top of her during foreplay and holds her arms down above her head. Just the feeling of forcefulness can get a woman excited instantly!

  1. She Wants to Role Play

Role playing is another common sex move she may be too embarrassed to ask for. Believe it or not, it’s a very common sexual fetish. Role playing can be anything the two of you make it. Is she big into vampires? Dress up for her. Does she have a secret dominatrix fantasy? Let her know you want to fulfill it by bringing home a blindfold or handcuffs.

  1. She Wants to Use Sex Toys

It may surprise you to know that very few women can reach orgasm with penetration alone. She may be too embarrassed to tell you that she’d like to bring a vibrator into the bedroom. Using a vibrator during sex can free the both of you up to try new sexual positions and have her feeling more satisfied than she ever has before. Want to really turn her on? Bring one home! The best ones to use during sex are called butterfly or dolphin vibrators because they strap on and sit up against the clitoris during sexual intercourse.
If you really want to surprise the woman in your life and keep her happy in the bedroom, change it up once in the while. With these sex moves, you can show her you’ve still got it!

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